The Best Halloween Costumes for Pregnancy

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Searching for the best collection of Halloween costumes for pregnancy? Check out this roundup of the best Halloween Costumes for Pregnancy, and get some great ideas for rocking that bump on Halloween!

images shows examples of pregnant halloween costumes
Here’s me in 3 of my favorite maternity Halloween costumes!

Congratulations on that awesome bump, mama! I know it might feel tough to get excited about another layer of clothing, but pregnancy Halloween costumes are such a fun and easy way to celebrate this year!

You might not know it, but that sweet bump is actually the ultimate Halloween accessory. There are so many awesome costumes that you can use that cute tummy for!

It took me a lot of searching to find the perfect costume for my bump, but along the way I found so many cute options! Today I’m sharing over 100 Halloween costumes for pregnancy to help you find your cute bump option too.

I’ve tried to pick some costumes that are funny, some that are for couples, and some that are great for families like ours. Fingers crossed this list is the only one you need to look at to find the perfect costume for you!

I’m including on this list some simple costumes you can order online, some easy ones that you can make at home with a little DIY creativity, and some over the top options if you want to go all out with your pregnancy Halloween costume this year.

If I could find it, I linked to the original source for the homemade costumes. If you find an error on this list, please let me know!

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On to the Halloween Maternity Costumes!

Note: Some links may be affiliate links. That means I may make a commission if you use my links to purchase, at no extra added cost to you! I only recommend products that I personally love and believe in. Full disclaimer here.

Online Pregnant Halloween Costumes

If the idea of crafting a costume while pregnant sounds like the complete opposite of having fun, don’t stress! Sometimes it’s a win just to pull on a stretchy shirt and call it a night.

So to kick off this list of awesome maternity Halloween costumes, how about a few you can order with just a click!

Here are a few awesome options you can order online, including a few from Amazon that you can get quickly if you waited until the last minute. Just click on each photo to see the full scoop on the following items!

Easy Pregnancy Halloween Costumes

Read on for a fun collection of some of the easiest Halloween costumes you can create while pregnant!


author dressed up as Thor while pregnant
My own creation

This might be my very, very favorite maternity Halloween costume! I created this Thor Endgame maternity costume using a pair of my husband’s pajama pants, a rolled up maternity tank, zip hoodie and this Thor hammer and Thor cosplay beard and wig!


author dressed as Smee while pregnant
My own creation

Coming in a close second was Smee! This was part of our family Halloween costume. I took full advantage of my pregnant belly to be Smee, while my husband was Captain Hook and our two oldest children were Peter Pan and the Crocodile.

You can recreate this using a pair of flowy pants, a striped tiny tee or crop top and a red beanie. I couldn’t find a cheap top I liked, so I used a plain white one from Target and added the stripes with puff paint!

Winnie the Pooh

author dressed as Winnie the Pooh while pregnant
My own creation

How cute is this easy maternity Halloween costume? I used this yellow dress and a red crop top. You can also grab a cute set of bear headband ears too.

I didn’t want to spend any more money, so I just knotted my hair in little buns to recreate the look.

Treasure Troll

author dressed as a pregnant treasure troll
My own creation

My kids begged for this one! I used this rainbow tutu and another crop top, and snagged this fun purple troll wig. My “gem” is a piece of paper I cut out and stuck to my belly button with tape!

Pregnant Skeleton Costume

author wearing a pregnant skeleton costume
My own creation

If you’re looking for simple, it doesn’t get much easier than this! I ordered this two piece pregnant skeleton outfit and wore it ALL THE TIME during spooky season.

You can find a similar pregnant skeleton costume here and some more options here!

Wonder Woman (and Super Baby)

wonder woman pregnancy costume

Via Julianitagomez88


mummy pregnancy costume

Created by hannaziegler90

Scarecrow and Pumpkin

pumpkin pregnancy costume

By samanthasaurusrex

Kinder Egg Surprise

kinder egg surprise costume

Via Maternity Lover

Kool Aid Pregnancy Costume

kool aid man pregnancy costume

Via hprindle

kool aid man pregnancy costume

And this classic one, original creator not known!

Mike Wazowski & Friends

pregnant family halloween costume- monsters inc

Via Ashley Wideman

Good Luck Troll Maternity Costume

trolls pregnancy costume

Created by Lindsay Boreing

Solar System Easy Pregnancy Costume

Solar System Pregnancy Costume

Via Modern Kiddo

Mama Rivera Costume

mama rivera from coco pregnancy costume

Miguel’s mama is such a simple and fun option!

Via airelav2

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Avocado Pregnant Costume

avocado pregnancy costume

So simple to make with just a piece of poster board!

Via alexa_migas

couple dressed as avocado toast

Make it into Avocado Toast by dressing up with a partner, like Danielle.Morrical did!

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Beer Belly Pregnancy Costume

beer belly pregnancy costume

Via Baby Center

Wilson Maternity Costume

castaway costume

Created by Florida Hop Mama

castaway pregnancy costume

And a second creative one by hayley.rissler!

Sun, Moon and Astronaut

sun, moon and astronaut family costume

So cute and simple: just paint the sunshine on your bump!

Via raven.antoinette

Prego Halloween Costume

prego maternity costume

Via allwomenstalk

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Juno Pregnancy Halloween Costume

Juno pregnancy costume for couple

Via hayleymelder

Death Star Pregnant Belly Costume

death star pregnancy costume

Via thewilderjess

and here’s another creative one too!

death star pregnancy costume

Found via Pinterest

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Wrecking Ball Baby Bump Costume

wrecking ball halloween costume

Via know_your_worth

Cat and a Ball of Yarn

cat and ball of yarn pregnancy costume

From a Popsugar

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Bump Ahead Construction Worker

bump ahead pregnancy costume

Via thisisrossana

And a second fun one too!

bump sign construction work pregnancy costume

Sourced from The Chive

Robbers & Money Bag Costume

cops and robber costume

Via Chelsea Hulali

Winnie the Pooh

winnie the pooh pregnancy costume

Created by kmassonette.cosplay

Basketball Belly Costume

basketball belly costume

Via soleyd86

Pair it with a referee outfit for a creative pregnancy couples costume!

basketball belly and referree costume

Via mackbergz

Snowman Maternity Costume

snowman pregnancy costume

So easy to achieve with just a few pieces of felt glued to your tank!

via Nicoleinscrubs

Over The Top Pregnancy Halloween Costumes

Are you a believer in “go big or go home?” Then this next section of more over the top pregnant Halloween costumes is for you!

Fat Thor Pregnancy Halloween Costume

fat thor pregnancy halloween costume

This is one of the most creative maternity Halloween costumes I’ve ever seen!

Via chloeebisty

Bubblegum Machine

bubblegum machine pregnancy costume

Via raisingkidswithpurpose

Rey & BB-8 Pregnancy Costume

Created by Shruti Gharat

Bacon & Eggs Bump Costume

bacon and eggs pregnancy costume

via Brookechatha

And here’s a cute one with just an egg!

pregnant woman dressed as a fried egg

Created by ili_dav

Beyonce-Inspired Pregnancy Costume

beyonce pregnancy costume

Created by RachelRenna

The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda Pregnant Halloween Costume

mandalorian couples costume

Created by emily.nicole.smith

Mummy and Monster

monster family halloween costume

Created by dessertpixie

Smee Pregnant Belly Halloween Costume

smee halloween costume

Via kmasonette.cosplay

Marge Gunderson From ‘Fargo’ Costume

fargo halloween costume

Via Magic Cat Jenny

Stay Puft Marshmallow

Stay Puft Marshmellow Man Pregnancy Costume

Found on Pinterest

Witch and Crystal Ball

witch pregnancy costume

Created by shulepova_hong

Golden Snitch Costume

harry potter golden snitch costume

Created by iyyar

Witch & Cauldron

Witches Cauldron Pregnancy Costume

Found on Pinterest

Bun in the Oven

bun in the oven costume

Via sashatea

Bird in Her Nest With Her Egg

Bird and Egg Pregnancy Costume

Via Costume Works

Kangaroo and Baby

kangaroo pregnancy costume

Created by Kaylan Nicole

Rainbow and Pot of Gold

pregnant woman dressed as a rainbow with pot of gold

Via Taryn Gilbert

Spooky Skeleton & Jack-o-lantern Tummy Costume

spooky skeleton maternity costume

Via amanda_marie_witchery

Disco Dancers & Disco Ball

disco ball pregnancy costume

From Coolest Homemade Costumes

Escaping Baby

shows toy baby arms coming out of a pregnant belly

This pregnant Halloween costume with baby coming out is amazing!

Via Miranda Colley

Cow with Udders

shows a pregnant woman dressed as a cow

Welcome to motherhood, y’all! 😉

Via esmeraldarubioo

The Best Pregnancy Halloween Costumes for Any Stage of Pregnancy

I hope this list inspired you as you brainstorm how to dress your bump this year. What was your favorite pregnancy Halloween costume on the list? Which ones am I missing?

I hope this list helps you find your perfect maternity Halloween costume! Happy Halloween, mamas!!

funny pregnant halloween costumes

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