Free Printable Valentine’s Day Bingo Cards (24 Card Set)

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Ready for a little extra Valentines Day fun this year? This free printable file of 24 Valentines Bingo Cards are perfect for class parties or family time!

valentines bingo cards for kids

I am a big believer in the power of making holidays feel special for our kids without having to stress myself out to do so. Our family loves to do small things that feel BIG for the kids, like a special breakfast or yummy treats, family-friendly movies or special crafts.

Playing games together as a family is another easy and simple way to make holiday feel extra special, and Valentines Bingo is such a great one! All you need are bingo cards, something to mark spots with and of course, a few special prizes.

I created this file with that in mind. While this is a game our family loves to use this for bingo night, it’s also an easy one for a teacher or room mom to use for a class party (so I included 24 different bingo cards for larger classrooms). Just scroll down to get the file!

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How to Play Valentine’s Bingo Card

My favorite kind of party games are ones that are easy to throw together at the last minute, and these free printable bingo cards were created with that in mind. The steps for this Valentines game are simple!

First, gather the supplies you’ll need.

To print the game, I recommend using white card stock for durability. If you don’t have any, you can also absolutely use white printer paper. If you want your bingo cards to last for multiple years (like in a classroom), I recommend laminating them!

Decide what you want to use for bingo markers. Here are a few ideas:

We love to use conversation hearts or other candy for bingo chips, mostly because it’s super yummy 😉

Don’t forget about prizes! That’s part of the fun of bingo, right?

Some easy ideas for winner prizes include:

Next, print the bingo cards.

Scroll down to the bottom of this post to find the link to download the free printable Valentine’s bingo cards. The download file will include a single PDF document with 24 bingo cards plus a final calling card page. All you have to do is download the file, open it using your computer and print it!

If you don’t have a home printer, you can also save the file and take it to a local print shop.

I highly recommend printing these free bingo cards on card stock, as it makes for a much more durable playing surface. Be sure to also select “fit” instead of “actual” in your printing options panel to ensure your printer doesn’t cut off the edges of the file.

This file is free for you to use for personal use. Print as many copies as you would like! However, please do not share or distribute the free download file. Instead please share a link to this post with friends and family so they can get their own =)

Cut out the calling card.

The final page of the download file is a calling card page. Basically, this is a sheet that has all of the images enlarged instead of traditional calling cards. Just cut out each individual picture to make it easy for you to draw your images during the game.

If you would like, you can laminate these pieces before placing them in a small bowl or bag.

How to Play Valentine’s Day Bingo

The concept of this family-friendly game is the same as other traditional bingo games!

Give each player their own bingo card and bingo marker. If you’re using dot markers, each player receives one. If you are using stickers, candy etc, each player needs at least 24 pieces (but of course, extra pieces are the perfect gametime snack too!).

For younger children, be sure there is an older child or grown up who can help them. Also be mindful of what kind of bingo marker they have. Conversation hearts and other hard candy is not safe for toddlers! An easy swap is to give them stickers instead.

You’ll also need to designate one person to act as the “caller.”

These free printable valentine bingo cards are perfect for young children as there’s no reading required! To start, everyone places a marker on the Free Space spot in the center of the board. The caller begins randomly selecting an image from the bag or bowl and calls it out/describes it. Players who have that image can place a marker on that picture on their own board.

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Download the Free Printable Valentines Day Bingo Game

24 different cards (bingo boards) with 25-space game boards are ready to print with this file, making this perfect to use as a classroom set! Each are unique bingo cards with slightly different designs; no card is repeated. You will receive READY-TO-PRINT DIGITAL files that you can print at home or in any local or online print shop!

These free Valentine’s Day bingo cards are free for you to use, but ONLY for personal use. Enter your information below to get yours, and it will be emailed to you immediately.

For best results, download the PDF file to your computer before printing, and print these cards using card stock for the most durable game (or laminate them). You can print every page, single pages, and multiples of any one you would like once you open the document! For large groups you might need all 24, while for a family game night you might only need 4. Be sure you print enough cards!

Please note that this design is NOT editable. Printed colors may not match exactly due to varieties in paper quality, computer monitor setting, and printer quality.

Free Valentine Bingo

I hope you and your little players love this simple activity. This fun game is perfect for classroom parties, a Valentine’s Day party with friends or special family time at home.

If you use this free printable valentine bingo game, I would love to see! Be sure to tag me on social media when you try this fun activity. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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