15 Fall and Thanksgiving Photoshoot Ideas for Babies

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Those sweet babies grow so fast in their first year, and there are so many opportunities to capture their cuteness. Try one of these fall and Thanksgiving photoshoot ideas for babies to celebrate their first Thanksgiving!

Searching for a creative way to celebrate baby’s first Thanksgiving or harvest season? Consider having a Thanksgiving photoshoot or fall photoshoot! You don’t need to be a professional photographer to snap a few great shots. It’s easy to DIY your own at home with just a few great props and cute outfits.

Fall season is the perfect time for being outside, and fall photoshoot ideas on this list take that into consideration. From pumpkin patches to your local park, there are so many great options for creative ideas amongst the fall foliage this autumn season.

Read on for a few of our favorite Fall photoshoot ideas for babies that are perfect for Thanksgiving or anytime this season, and find inspiration for your own as you celebrate your newest addition.

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15 Thanksgiving Photoshoot Ideas for Babies

Pumpkin Photoshoot

baby in a pumpkin

Take advantage of the fact that pumpkins are EVERYWHERE this time of year! Place your baby inside a big pumpkin, surrounded by small pumpkins or plastic pumpkins of various shapes, or even dressed up as one. Check out this cute little pumpkin hat to make it super easy.

You can use a real pumpkin that’s been hollowed out from your local pumpkin patch, or find a gigantic craft pumpkin instead at your local craft store or big box retailer. Be sure to put a few blankets inside to keep him cozy!

Pumpkin Pie Smash

Similar to a cake smash, mix it up with this seasonal take. Place baby safely in his high chair and serve him a pumpkin pie with plenty of whipped cream. Capture the cuteness as he dives right in.

Fall Corn Stalks/Hay Bales Front Porch Photoshoot

Grab a few hay bales and corn stalks from your local Hobby Lobby or garden center and create your own beautiful fall backdrop that screams Thanksgiving bounty!

Lay a few blankets over them to make it cozy for your little one, and don’t forget a cute fall outfit.

Bonus: they double as beautiful front porch decorations too.

Repurpose that Cornucopia

If you have a cornucopia as part of your Thanksgiving décor or large wicker baskets, it’s a great opportunity to take a few perfect holiday photos of your baby. If it’s large enough, gently place part of baby’s body inside the opening.

Spread a few other seasonal items (like Thanksgiving food, mini pumpkins, electric candles and more) around the cornucopia before taking a few photos.

Flannel Family Photoshoot

family wearing matching flannel

Flannel is the perfect easy outfit for fall, especially if you’re looking for some great mommy-and-me photos. Many stores now sell flannel outfits in sizes for the whole family, making it easy to twin with your little ones in an easy Thanksgiving photoshoot.

Fall Leaves Photoshoot

Fall is the perfect backdrop for some beautiful seasonal photos this Thanksgiving. Lay out a snuggly blanket on top of some leaves in your yard and use the vibrant colors as a backdrop.

You can also purchase artificial fall leaves on Amazon or at your local Walmart or craft supply store.

This is a great one for babies that can’t sit upright yet. They can lay on the blanket, and you can hold up a leaf to cover their body for a cute pose.

Want to take your Thanksgiving photoshoot further? Sit up baby in a high chair or baby seat (or in the lap of an older sibling). Ask a friend or family member to pick up a pile of colorful leaves and toss them up in the air, over your little one.

Snap a few cute pics as the leaves rain down! You’ll love the look of amazement when they notice the falling leaves.

Baby’s First Halloween

Don’t forget to think about the other major fall holiday, Halloween! Here are some cute ideas for spooky season, too.

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Baby Float

I grew up watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and love watching it with my own children now too. It’s such an iconic part of Thanksgiving!

Want a truly creative Thanksgiving photoshoot idea for babies? Make your little one into their very own “parade balloon!”

Blow up a few balloons, attaching string. Instead of tying to baby, instead attach it to a soft scrunchie! Then just slip them onto your baby’s arms and legs. They’ll be fascinated by the moving balloons above their heads.

Pumpkin Patch Photoshoot

A pumpkin patch creates an easy and beautiful fall photo background, and is great if you’re searching for zero-prep Thanksgiving photoshoot ideas for babies.

Plop them next to a few pumpkins on a textured blanket or soft blanket that goes great with warm tones and fallen leaves. Otherwise, get mom and dad (or even siblings and grandparents) in the shot to hold baby! You can also do cute photos in an apple orchard at golden hour.

Baby Turkey on a Platter

How can we have a list of Thanksgiving photoshoot ideas for babies without a turkey?? You can make your own little turkey shoot by using either a ready to wear costume (check out the cute options here on Amazon that arrive quickly!) or dressing baby in a onesie of any kind with a few props.

This turkey on a platter idea works best (and is safest for) babies who can’t quite wiggle around yet.

Use construction paper to cut out feathers, a turkey gobblers or other fun shapes. Lay baby on the table on top of a platter, and fan out the feathers around him. Lay the gobbler on his chest for the tasty turkey effect and snap a pic!

Turkey in a Pot

Have a little one who is able to safely sit upright? Create your baby turkey photo using a large pot or roasting pan!

Again, you can dress baby in a turkey costume (like these turkey costumes found on Amazon or these adorable ones on Etsy) or in really any cute outfit you have. You’ll want to do this one BEFORE you do any cooking. Better yet, do it a few days before turkey day.

For baby’s safety I recommend doing this on the floor, or a low coffee table with an extra set of hands. Gently place baby inside the pot or the roasting pan. Give him something safe to hold like a mixing spoon or a fall vegetable and snap your Thanksgiving turkey.

Seasonal Milk Bath

Fill a small tub or sink with warm water, no more than you would for a normal bath. Add a little bit of milk to create a creamy, opaque bath and a few seasonal items like mini pumpkins and apples.

Place baby safely in the bath for a beautiful seasonal milk bath photo. This is a wonderful way to document your breastfeeding journey too, as you can use breastmilk for this shoot. Be sure to always supervise baby and never leave him unattended in the bath.

Thanksgiving Garland

garland of fall leaves for baby milestone fall photo

Don’t have time for a Thanksgiving photoshoot that takes a lot of work? Dress baby in his Thanksgiving outfit, and place him on a blanket in the living room, or in a grassy area in your yard, surrounded by items that remind you of Thanksgiving tradition and snap a few photos.

A bunch of mini pumpkins, fake fall leaves, gourds, corn cobs and more are all easy ideas. The choice is yours! This is a great way to mark monthly milestones too. Use a milestone blanket instead for these fall-themed photos.

Thanksgiving Football

For many families, watching (or playing!) football on Thanksgiving is a treasured tradition. Mark your baby’s first game day by dressing him up as a football!

You can find cute outfits at most retailers, including Amazon and some adorable options here on Etsy too. Ask family members to wear your team’s jerseys or tees for easy family photos.

Newborn Photo Shoot

Create your own Thanksgiving newborn session at home. All you need is your new baby, an adorable outfit and a few creative props to capture your own newborn photos. Try neutral colors on a white blanket, with Thanksgiving or fall items as pops of color!

Need inspiration? Take a look at some baby Thanksgiving stock photos as you create your own setting.

Fall is also the perfect time to take some updated fall family photos, too!

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Final Thoughts on Baby Thanksgiving Photos

I hope this list of cute and easy Thanksgiving photoshoot ideas for babies inspired you as you think about your own little one. Seasonal photoshoots are adorable way to not only grab a cute photo of your little guy or little girl, but also a fun way to mark their first year.

Plus, how can you say no to extra opportunities to document their first holiday season with fall baby photoshoot ideas, especially from the comfort of your own home?? No matter which of these you try, remember that the most important part is having fun and creating photos that you are excited about. If you hate football, it won’t bring you joy to look back on your little one dressed as one.

Many of these would make great a family photos too. I love looking back on that photo of me and my boys in flannel every year! Choose one of these ideas, or just a bunch. Either way, you’ll love looking back at these great family memories year after year.

Which of these baby photoshoot ideas was your favorite for your own little turkeys? For best results, try to shoot quickly, and keep baby warm.

If you liked this article, please share it on social media or pin it on Pinterest to help inspire other parents this year too. Wishing you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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