Mistletoes Easy Christmas Footprint Craft (Great Baby’s First Christmas Craft)

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Capture the magic this holiday with this easy Christmas footprint craft. This Mistletoes craft is the perfect footprint Christmas craft for toddlers. This simple craft also makes a wonderful keepsake as a baby’s first Christmas craft, too!

photo of christmas footprint craft

It’s the most magical time of the year! There’s something so special about the holiday season, especially when you have young children at home.

Whether you’re looking for a craft to keep your little ones occupied inside when it’s cold outside, or searching for a special Christmas keepsake craft, easy projects are a wonderful way to make the holidays feel even more special.

I feel like every time I turn around, my kids have grown another few inches and are very quickly approaching the end of toddlerhood. Before I’ll know it, they’ll be too big to do cutesy crafts.

I wanted to create a project with my boys that had that in mind, how short this window really is with our little children. It hit me that we had never done a Christmas keepsake craft at home!

Handprint and footprint Christmas crafts are truly so special and a great way to spread holiday cheer. When your kids are big, you get to unpack these special items and remember just how small they once were.

This Mistletoes craft was created to be a Christmas keepsake craft that doubles as an ornament. It makes a perfect baby’s first Christmas craft too!

This Christmas craft also make a great gift for a grandparent or other relative because let’s be honest: how cute is this footprint mistletoe?

christmas footprint craft

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Mistletoes Easy Christmas Footprint Craft

As you might have guessed from the title, the beauty of this craft is that it’s EASY. It’s also perfect for baby’s and toddlers who have a super short attention span.

I always recommend for any craft that involves paint that if possible, you have a second set of hands, especially if you are doing this with a little baby as a baby’s first Christmas keepsake craft.

Paint crafts can get really messy fast, but if you don’t have help that’s ok too! Just be sure that you put a layer of paper down under your craft area first. This will help catch any spills or extra steps.

You also want to have some paper towels or an old rag in easy reach distance. That way you can easily clean off your child’s foot before they move away.

finished footprint craft

Supplies Needed for this Footprint Christmas Craft

This Christmas craft is easy to put together and only needs a few supplies!

  • Green washable paint (be sure it’s washable! I love this set of washable paints for crafts like this, but any kid-friendly acrylic paint or craft paint is great)
  • A quality paintbrush (this inexpensive set is great to have on hand in your craft supplies bin)
  • White paper or cardstock. I recommend using cardstock if possible (this is a great option), because it holds up better. However, since you are going to “laminate” this craft, regular paper is also ok.
  • Markers
  • Laminating sheets or clear packing tape, which is what we used
  • Craft paper or old newspaper to layer under the card stock to help minimize the mess and make clean up easier.
  • Scissors
  • A hole punch (this one is great)
  • Some extra string or leftover ribbon

How to Make this simple Mistletoes Christmas Footprint Craft for Toddlers and Babies

Making this Christmas keepsake craft is easy, but a little messy. So be sure that you set up this craft in an area that is easily wiped down. I also recommend stripping your child down to their diaper or putting them in clothes that you don’t mind getting messy.

While washable paint IS washable, there is always a risk that it can stain some fabrics. So keep that in mind.

First, cover the area that you will be creating the Christmas footprint craft with old newspaper, butcher block paper or even a large rag. This helps make clean up a breeze, and also ensures that you don’t have to panic if any paint gets spilled.

With footprint crafts, I’ve found it’s easier to have your child make these on the floor. We set up on the kitchen floor because it’s the easiest place to clean up! I also recommend not trying to do both of your child’s feet at once. One at a time is much easier to handle!

Next, pour your green acrylic paint into a craft cup or disposable plastic cup. You won’t need very much!

With your child seated, gently hold their foot and apply a little green paint to the bottom of your child’s foot using a paintbrush or foam brush. Be sure you thoroughly coat the entire bottom (including the toes). Be careful not to use too much paint, otherwise you’re more likely to have a mushy, smeared footprint.

pressing foot onto paper

Using two hands, gently guide their foot onto the piece of paper and press down at a slight angle. Be sure to make sure their toes also fully touch the paper!

Remove their foot in a straight upward motion. Gently clean off that foot using a rag, paper towel or baby wipes.

Repeat with the second foot, lining up the heels to create the downward v shape.

Let the paint dry fully. Using your makers, draw in a simple red ribbon “hanger,” and be sure to put your child’s name and the current year either on the front or back of the Christmas footprint keepsake craft.

footprints on paper

You can also create this using paint pens or even a little red paint.

Using scissors, I cut out the shape of the ornament, being sure to leave about 1/4″ to 1/2″ of extra paper around.

Take clear packing tape and use it to laminate and reinforce the cardstock. Apply the tape to the back and the front of the cut out ornament, being careful to fully adhere it.

christmas ornament with packing tape applied

Carefully cut out around the overhanging tape and use a hole punch to punch a hole in the middle of the ribbon “hanger” that had previously been drawn.

hole punching a hole in the ornament

For the final touch, add some colorful ribbons through the hole to be able to hang this on the tree and you’re done with your cute mistletoes craft! No ribbon? Use pipe cleaners instead to fashion a hook.

tops of the footprint ornaments

Don’t want to cut it out? Use this easy Christmas craft as mistletoe decorations or Christmas cards!

Christmas Footprint Crafts for Toddlers Can Be Fun and Easy!

I hope you and your family love creating this easy Christmas footprint craft. This cute Mistletoes craft makes a great baby’s first Christmas craft, but is also one of the easiest Christmas footprint crafts for toddlers out there. It’s so much fun to make together! The finished product is perfect as a keepsake Christmas ornament.

This adorable craft also makes a lovely Christmas gift, and footprint art easily doubles as charming holiday decorations. The little feet are the perfect reminder of those precious baby feet that have grown so much. This simple ornament is one of our family’s favorite Christmas decorations.

Celebrating baby’s first Christmas with this craft? Be sure to also check out Easy DIY Christmas Baby Photoshoot Ideas at Home too.

If you make this, I would love to see! Be sure to tag me on Instagram @simply.siobhan or using the hashtag #mimosandmotherhood.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

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