Free Printable Handprint and Footprint Easter Crafts for Toddlers

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Looking for a simple and easy Easter craft? Grab this set of free printable handprint and footprint Easter crafts for toddlers & preschoolers, with cute Easter chicks, Easter bunnies and carrots!

easter handprint and footprint crafts for kids

We LOVE a good craft in our house, especially if it’s easy. I created this collection of handprint and footprint Easter crafts with that in mind!

These cute printable Easter crafts for kids give you the prompts you need to create some special Easter keepsakes this year. Just print them out, add a little paint and some finishing touches and you’re good to go!

These low-prep free printable handprint and footprint Easter crafts make great decorations, keepsakes or gifts for a special family member. Plus, your toddlers and preschoolers will love the special time creating them with you!

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How to Make these Footprint and Handprint Easter Crafts for Kids

First, download and print out the PDF file (scroll down to grab it). I’ve made them full-color, but you can also opt to print them in black and white!

I recommend using cardstock if you want these to be a little sturdier. I like this kind.

Next, using your paintbrush, paint your child’s hand or foot, being sure to only do a light coat. If you put too much paint on it starts to get messy when you place it on the paper!

painting a child's hand

Gently guide their hand or foot to the printable sheet you’ve chosen and press down, being sure to try to get all of their digits on the paper before you pull straight off.

pressing child's hand to paper

Repeat for as many of these printable sheets as you want to create!

image shows a child making easter crafts

Let dry, and add a dollop of kraft glue and a cotton ball to the bunnies to create a tail. If you don’t have cotton balls you can also use a pom pom, or even crumple paper into a ball to use for a tail!

Using your markers, draw 2 circles for eyes and an upside-down triangle for a beak on the baby chick.

Supplies Needed for These Printable Easter Crafts

Printable sheets (scroll down to grab them)



Cotton Balls

Black and orange marker

Easter footprint crafts and Easter handprint crafts

Get Your FREE Printable Easter Crafts for Kids

This set of free printable handprint and footprint Easter crafts for toddlers and preschoolers is free for you to use, but ONLY for personal use. Enter your information below to get yours, and it will be emailed to you immediately!

For best results, download the PDF file to your computer before printing. You can print every page, single pages, and multiples of any one you would like once you open the document!

If you use it, I would love to see! Be sure to tag me on Instagram @simply.siobhan and using the hashtag #Mimosasandmotherhood.

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Whether you are a parent, grandparent, teacher, daycare provider or babysitter looking for something fun to do in April, I hope you enjoy creating these easy keepsake handprint and footprint Easter crafts with your little ones. If you want to make Easter even more fun this year, don’t miss our easy Bunny Butt Bacon Ranch Easter Cheese Ball for an adorable Easter appetizer!

If you love this free craft, please share it so other families can get in on the fun, too. Happy Easter!

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