A Parent’s Honest Review of Homer Learn & Grow App

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Searching for a way to get your young child excited about learning and wondering if the Homer app is worth it? Read on for a parent’s honest review of the Homer Learn & Grow App.

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As the parent to a preschooler and toddler, I know firsthand how important it is to help your child learn the basic skills they need to be successful as they grow. My boys are currently 2 & 3, so the alphabet, counting and reading are on the forefront of our minds right now.

We recently got the boys tablets for long drives, and started to explore the option of adding in educational software to let them have a little fun at home with them too. We decided to start using Homer Learn & Grow after recommendations from a few friends.

This Homer app review is based on our own family’s experience using it. If you’re wondering if it might be a good fit for your own kids and their learning needs, read on!

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What is Homer Learn & Grow?

HOMER Learn & Grow (sometimes referred to as the Homer reading app) is an early learning app for kids age 2 to 8. It focuses on literacy, math, social-emotional learning and more through fun “games” and play-based learning activities.

Your kids can choose between stories, songs, drawing, puzzles and more traditional phonics and logic activities too. They are prompted by the app with clear, easy to understand verbal instructions.

You are also able to set up individual learning profiles for each of your children, with up to 4 profiles included with each account. The profiles are adaptive and create individualized paths for each child, suggesting learning activities based on your child’s interest and progress.

It has been developed for a wide range of prereading and early reading skill levels for young children. My youngest is currently using the “toddler” level, while my oldest is onto the “preschool” activities.

Plus, it’s completely ad-free, which means no distractions while your little one is using it!

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Learn With Homer Review

After using HOMER Learn & Grow for the past few weeks, I am really impressed. I love that you can create individual learning profiles for each child. This means that their progress is tracked and the app adapts and creates individual learning paths for each of them!

I also like that there is a parent dashboard that allows me to keep track of the progress they are making and change settings if needed.

When it comes to the actual educational app, the boys are able to have complete control over what activities they choose to do. I love how this gives them a sense of independence, but also means that I can use that time to get a little work (or another load of never-ending laundry) done. Even my youngest is able to easily pick activities, toggle between options and understand the verbal directions to play along.

The app is beautifully designed and keeps their attention. I love listening to their excited giggles when they make it to the next level of an activity! It takes into account your child’s age and skill level, and tailors the available activities based on continuing to move their skills forward.

I also really like that it offers easy cross-device accessibility, meaning we can log in from a computer, my phone (or any mobile device), or their tablets, and be right back to where they left off. This means that in a pinch they can play on my phone if we are at a restaurant and the food is taking forever and they’re starting to get a little hangry. All you need is an internet connection!

The interactive lessons are truly a fun way for younger children to practice and learn their letters, the basics of reading, math and more as they work through their personalized learning journey.

(Ready to try it for yourself? You can skip the rest of this review and try HOMER Learn & Grow with your own kids for a free trial for 30 days by clicking here!)

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How we use HOMER Learn & Grow

Our family personally chooses to limit screen time when it comes to access to tablets and phones. With that in mind, we don’t use the app every day because we just don’t do much screen time!

Every other day during the “school year,” the boys can use HOMER Learn & Grow for up to 30 minutes. My husband or I get the app pulled up, and we let them take it from there.

There are literally THOUSANDS of options with HOMER Learn & Grow, and I feel confident that they could probably use it for an hour every day without running out of fun activities.

When summer rolls around, we will be adding time with the app into their daily schedule to help them continue to develop their basic reading and math skills.

It’s a terrific tool to help reinforce the work you’re already doing with your child on numbers, letters, sounds, reading and social skills. Your kids will be having so much fun that they won’t even realize they’re actually working their brains!

The playful learning activities have been so fun for our children to work through, and I love seeing their excitement about learning.

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Is Homer a good reading app?

HOMER Learn & Grow is a great way to get children excited about reading. The lessons can help kids learn letters (both capital and lowercase), letter sounds and word recognition, as well as reading comprehension and critical thinking while reading.

After watching my oldest explore the app, I will definitely say that Homer is a good reading app. From learning uppercase and lowercase letters to starting sight words, it’s a great tool to add to the tasks that you’re already doing at home to help your child learn to read.

Which is better Homer or ABC Mouse?

ABC Mouse & the Homer app are two excellent learning apps that are both really popular right now. They’re very similar, as they both are filled with games, videos, songs and different activities as your child works through their learning journey.

When it comes to the programs, the apps start to diverge, with ABCMouse mostly focusing on core subjects: reading, math, science, social studies etc.

While Homer Learn and Grow covers early reading and foundational math, it also teaches important other topics like problem solving skills, logic, identifying emotions in themselves and others, communication skills and more.

It really just depends on what you and your family are looking for. I love that my children are getting some extra help on their big emotions while also working on increasing their confidence when it comes to math and reading.

If you like the flexibility of a month to month plan, HOMER is slightly cheaper than ABCMouse.

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Is Homer learning worth it?

After using it with my own children, I have to be honest: I’m really impressed. I was hesitant to use an app to help the boys work on their reading skills, but I’m so glad we chose to try HOMER Learn & Grow.

It’s incredibly well-designed for kids of all different levels. My youngest is loving it, even though he is only 2, and my oldest is so excited that he now knows all of his letters and sounds!

HOMER Learn & Grow is also a safe app for your child to use. There are no ads and no options for in-app purchases, so you don’t have to stress about your credit card being in danger if you give your kids the freedom to use it on their own during independent play.

It has a wide variety of options to choose from in the rich library of learning material and additional resources that makes up the activity center, and is a good app to help spark more fun along your child’s learning journey.

You can try it for free with your own kids for 30 days by clicking here!

After that, if you choose to keep using it the app is $9.99 per month or $59 for an annual membership (which gives you a savings of about $5 per month versus month to month).

As of right now, the Homer app is available for both IOS and Android devices, and is available on the Apple app store, Google Play and Amazon app store.

Have you tried HOMER Learn & Grow? I’d love to hear what you think about it, too!

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