11 Creative & Cheap Date Night Ideas

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Maintaining a healthy, thriving relationship can sometimes be challenging, especially when you get stuck in the routine of everyday life. It’s SO important to continue to date your partner and continue to put that effort into your relationship (especially if you have children). That’s why I love creative and cheap date night ideas!

I know we personally struggle to make a “real date” work on a regular basis. Between our jobs and finding a babysitter, we really have to plan in advance.

Now that we have two kids, our date night seems to be the SAME date each time: it’s almost always grabbing a bite to eat at one of a handful of restaurants. Can you relate?

I’m lucky that I have a partner who values our connection as much as I do, and is (almost always) down to try some crazy idea I have. Our first date was essentially an 8 hour long walk!

Check out this list of 10 Creative & Cheap Date Night Ideas. Mix it up, get out of the routine, and try something new and fun with your partner. I hope these ideas help inspire you to find something fun to do for a cheap date night!

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10 Creative & Cheap Date Night Ideas

All of the date night ideas on this list are meant to be fun, affordable and not your typical choice. These are all ones my husband and I have tried together and love!

  1. Food Crawl

This date night is inspired by a progressive dinner. Snag appetizers, dinner, dessert and drinks at four different spots!

  1. $10 Mystery Date

Pick a store to shop at. You each get $5 to spend on something to enjoy together that night! Here are some ideas to spark your creativity:

Grocery Store: Choose ingredients for a simple dish (or pick up something ready made)

Craft Store: Pick a creative project to do together

Dollar Store: $10 goes super far!

  1. Stargaze in Your Backyard

Grab a couple blankets and enjoy the night sky. Bonus: if it’s chilly surprise your partner with hot cocoa!

stargazing in your backyard
  1. Cook a Meal Together

I like to plan this for after the kids have gone to sleep. Find a recipe for a dish you love (or a new one you’ve been dying to try) and make it together. Add some romance with candles and music while you cook.

  1. Coffee Date

When’s the last time the two of you grabbed a cup of coffee that didn’t involve either chugging it while scalding hot or drinking a cold cup after the kids have gone to school? Find a small local coffeehouse and enjoy savoring your cup while connecting with your partner.

coffee date
  1. Take Free Online Personality Tests

Anyone else obsessed with their Enneagram number too? There are so many options out there when it comes to this date night, like the Myers-Briggs, DISC, and so many more. I love this idea because when you understand your strengths and weaknesses better, you are able to also better understand your partner.

  1. Bath Time

Take a romantic bath together. Candles, bubbles and wine, with no phones allowed! Whether you spend time quietly soaking or engaged in conversation, the lack of outside distractions is sure to help you reconnect.

  1. Make a Vision Board Together

I am a huge believer in speaking things into existence and a big fan of vision boards. All you need is a large poster board, markers and magazines you can cup up. Make a collage of your biggest dreams as a couple or family. Money is no object here: dare each other to dream big!

Family Vision Board
  1. Hiking at a Park

When we first started dating we loved exploring local parks and trails. It’s a great way to get outside, get your blood pumping and connect in a different way with your partner. Plus, many State and National parks have great picnic areas for sharing a meal after you work up an appetite.

  1. Attend a Concert

Buy tickets to see a band you both love. You can also get tickets to a band you really want to see, and your partner buys tickets for a show on another date for a band they love,too. Don’t have the budget? Find a local show with free cover!

11. Workout Together

Did you know that exercising together is not only a great motivator to get healthy, but that the release of endorphins can bring you closer together too? There are lots of online platforms that offer free workout classes and activities, like YouTube or bloggers (I personally love doing a tricep workout at home).

You can also sign up for an online platform or app that you gives you access to tons of workout options!

I hope these 10 Creative & Cheap Date Night Ideas help spark some inspiration in your relationship! When you try one be sure to share and tag me on Instagram at @simply.siobhan =)

10 Creative & Cheap Date Night Ideas

Sharing is caring! If you love this post, please share!

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