40 Creative and Funny Names for Your Robot Vacuum

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Did your family welcome a new robot edition recently? It’s time to choose a name! This list of creative and funny names for a robot vacuum will help inspire you.

Mother and baby with robot vacuum
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If your kids are anything like mine, at some point they’ve fallen in love with your robot vacuum. All three of mine have been obsessed with this little helper!

Our robot vacuum cleaner is named John Malkovich, and honestly at this point feels like part of the family. We originally got a smart home device to help with keeping up with chores, and never imagined the unexpected bonus of the joy that comes from little kids when they get to chase him around.

There are some many robotic vacuum cleaners on the market these days, and most families end up getting one. No matter what robot vacuum brand your vacuum robot hails from, we can all count on their cleaning routine to bring some extra cuteness when our kids are involved.

Whether you’ve just gotten a new vacuum, or are looking for some good robot names, this list of creative and funny options is sure to help you find the perfect name for your own cleaning machine.

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child standing in front of a wall of robot vacuums at the store
My son with the robot vacuums that caught his eye (and heart)

Why Choose a Name for a Vacuum Robot?

The reason that we chose to name our Roomba John Malkovich was simple: we opened the program to set it up for the first time, and it prompted us to do so. We were really into John Malkovich movies at the time, and thought it would be a great name.

Your autonomous vacuum robot basically becomes a member of your family, especially if you have kids. Every single parent I know says the name of their robot vacuum out live more than you expect. If you have smart devices that connect it using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, you’ll say it even more.

When it came to naming our Roomba, we chose to go with something fun to say that would make us smile. When our middle child asked for his own Roomba for Christmas one year, he had free reign to choose what to call it. He could have given it a pet’s name, reference the fact that it was a machine or pick a classic robot.

Instead? He chose to name it “Baby Malkovich.” So cute!

child holding a toy robot vacuum at Christmas
My son with his baby Roomba at Christmas

Funny Robot Vacuum Names

This collection of names are perfect for your family’s new robot edition! Whether you’re looking for something funny, or something that doesn’t sound completely nuts when you talk about your kids riding it around the house, you’ll love this collection of options.

Popular Robot Vacuum Names

This section of funny names for your robot vacuum include some of the most popular choices, as well as plenty to bring the giggles.

  • Cookie Monster – because it gobbles up all the crumbs
  • DJ Roomba– This is the name of Tom Haverford’s Roomba on Parks and Recreation.
  • Iron Man – Or you could also go with Jarvis!
  • The Iron Throne – Game of Thrones fan unite
  • Mr. Clean – Such a classic name choice
  • Furminator – Perfect if you have pets and lots of pet hair
  • Optimus Grime – obviously inspired by Optimus Prime, which works great for little ones
  • Mr. Robot – Another simple choice for your intelligent robot vacuum
  • Robocop – This one is great if your kids love pretending to be police officers
  • R2-D2, C-3PO, BB-8– All robots/ droids in the Star Wars franchise; if you’re more of a Star Trek family, consider Data instead!
  • Bender– The robot on Futurama
  • Rosie or Rosey– The lovable robot maid and housekeeper on The Jetsons.
  • Count Vacuula – Spooky season year round in your house? This one’s perfect for you.
  • Dustbuster Supreme– A touch of humor for your robot overlord
  • Short Circuit – I always feel like the circular shape of the Roombas look a little like them!

Robot Vacuum Names Inspired by Human Names

An awesome name for your robot can also be an every day human name, or a pun on a famous one!

  • Taylor Swept – She’ll help you through all your cleaning eras
  • Roomba McIntire – Who can resist a play on Reba McIntire?
  • Hugh Vacman – My husband LOVES this idea, and now wants to paint ours to look like Wolverine
  • Dirty Harry – For the Clint Eastwood fan in your home
  • Clean Elizabeth – No explanation needed
  • Dustin Bieber – A play on Justin Bieber
  • Dirt Reynolds – You could even stick a mustache on him
  • Clean Latifah – Even better if she cleans while music is on
  • Jeeves – The classic butler name
  • Consuela– The housekeeper from Family Guy
  • Alfred – Another classic butler name, and also works if you’re a Batman fan
  • Meryl Sweep – So many movie references for this star
  • Dustbin Timberlake: A humorous play on Justin Timberlake
  • Dusty – Perfect for the robot who handles household chores

Disney-Inspired Roomba Names

Your kiddos might love one of these clever names inspired by Disney and other children’s classics.

  • Cinderella or Cinderoomba– can’t forget the original cleaning princess
  • Wall-E – how can you resist paying homage to a robot who was literally created to clean up after humans??
  • Elsa – because she helps you to let it go
  • Mrs. Doubtfire – The nostalgia is strong with this option!
  • Mary Poppins – Bonus: your kiddos will have lots of music to sing while she works
  • Dobby – The beloved Harry Potter character and house elf
  • Lightning McClean – Your little Cars fans will love watching him race around

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Which of these funny Roomba names is your favorite?

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