Budget Friendly Date Night Ideas for Parents

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If you’re a mom or dad looking for some budget friendly date night ideas for parents, you’ve come to the right place! Having children can make it hard to find time for one another, but your relationship with your partner is just as important as the one with your children.  

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Trust me when I tell you, you need to make time for one another. The beauty in date nights is that they don’t get to be fancy or lavish to count. They can be simple gestures or acts of kindness that highlight the connection you have with your partner.  

One of the biggest reasons (outside of having children) that many parents say they can’t enjoy time together is because it cost too much. Guess what? Date nights don’t need to be expensive either!

With these budget friendly date night ideas for parents, you’ll be well on your way to rekindling that spark between you and your partner.  

Date Night Ideas for Parents

Go Out For Coffee

Who doesn’t love a coffee date? Especially when it’s with your favorite person in the world, your partner! Plus, most coffee shops have a variety of items to choose from that are all pretty frugal if keeping the cost low is your thing.

Enjoy a Local Hike Together

One activity I never thought I’d enjoy (and doesn’t cost a penny) is hiking with my husband. The first time we ever went hiking together it was so much fun! We enjoyed a pretty simple, yet scenic hike local to our neighborhood.

Sometimes, just rooting ourselves back into nature is the most impactful event we need to feel reconnected with our other half. Find a great hiking option near you, or make a list of future ones to check out too.

Have a Picnic

These days we have our phones, social media, computers, speakers, etc…that I think we almost forget about these “regular” activities like a picnic. Tell me, when is the last time you’ve thrown or been to a picnic?

All you need is a big blanket, some light snacks or meal, water, and yourselves! Ok, if it’s a warm day, you may want to pack some sunscreen too. Going at night is fun too, especially with some romantic beach picnic ideas at night.

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Plan a Movie Night

If you have a baby or small children where a baby sitter isn’t an option, movie nights are great because you can host them at home! Get yourselves ready like you would as if you’re going out. Whip up the movie snacks and snuggle up together as you watch a new movie together.

Now, if your children are older and able to be at home alone for a bit, head out to the theatre and enjoy a movie night in theatre.

Cook a New Recipe Together

Do you ever find yourself getting stuck in the same habit of cooking the same meals over and over again? Find yourself a new recipe to try out and turn it into a date night with your partner!

It sounds boring, but just trust me. Cooking together is actually really fun. Plus, when all is done you can enjoy the delicious dinner that you whipped up together, as a team.

Need some inspiration? This easy chicken ramen is a simple recipe that is fun to make together, and this smoked tri tip is delicious!

Have a Game Night

If you’re looking for a simple and fun date night idea, try having a game night. This one is a little hard if there’s only the two of you, but you can find 2-player games such as Uno, Connect Four, Jenga, Scrabble, and more.

Just be sure you don’t get a game that requires you to be too aggressive otherwise your fun date night could end in a disagreement and that’s not the goal of this date.

Take a Bath Together

Looking for something a little more romantic? Spread out some flower petals in the bath and draw a nice warm bath for one another. You could even spice this date night idea up even more by putting a splash of some essential oils to set the mood and alternate giving one another a massage.

Go for a Scenic Drive

Sometimes, if you plan the time of day correctly, a scenic drive can be so relaxing. Being able to hold your partners hand while the windows are down and a cool breeze blowing in.

Maybe you’ll even be able to watch the sun set together! Talk about a simple yet memorable date night for parents.

Get Creative with a Paint and Sip Night

If you’re the kind of couple that enjoys something fun and new — look for a local paint and sip event! You’ll be able to enjoy a nice adult beverage, sometimes dinner is served with these packages, but the fun part is the canvas art you and your partner will make together.

Then, you will be able to bring home your magnificent creation as a reminder of this fun (and likely much needed) date night.

Take a Night Trip Down to the Beach or Lake

Nothing screams romance more than an evening walk out on the beach. Listening to the water flow back and forth. Watching the sunset. Being nuzzled close up against your partner. Doesn’t it just sound…refreshing?

We love getting out to the lake whenever we can and sharing the images with family and friends with some fun lake day captions.

When all else fails, give a little relaxation on the beach a try. You might be surprised by how much you needed it.  

Date Night Jar

A date night jar is so fun! All you need is a pen, something to write on, and either a jar or box. Both you and your partner write down date ideas and place them in a container. Then all you have to do is drawn a new one each time you need a date night idea!

As you can see, these budget-friendly date night ideas for parents are so simple. So many parents forget that these little moments can sometimes be the ones that make the biggest impact. Chances are, that’s exactly what your relationship needs.

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