14 Days of Love Challenge

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Searching for a great idea for a romantic yet inexpensive Valentine’s Day gift for your partner? This simple love challenge is perfect not only for them, but can be easily adapted for your kids!

I am a BIG believer in the Five Love Languages. As someone who is big on Words of Affirmation, cards and notes have always gone really far for me. Some of the most romantic gifts my partner has ever given me have included just random little love notes left around the house.

This love challenge is great for Valentine’s Day, but can also be tweaked to be meaningful any time of year. Best part: this love challenge is easy for those who don’t consider themselves romantic, AND can be pulled off for less than $5 too, which is great for those of us on a budget.

(Missed a February 1st start date? It’s not too late! Create a shortened version, or even just create a bunch of notes to give on JUST Valentine’s Day!)

image shows three paper hearts lined up with the words I love your smile


  • 14 Construction Paper hearts (this one can be snagged on Amazon with Prime!) OR 14 Foam Heart Stickers (like these)
  • 1 Sharpie or other marker
  • Scotch Tape

(Seriously, how easy is this list??)

How to Create Your Love Notes
Think about your partner. What makes them special to you? Write out 14 different reasons why you love them.

Need some ideas? Here are a few I wrote for my partner:

• I love how you make me laugh harder than anyone else
• I love what a great cook you are
• I love how much you love our son.
• I love our morning snuggles.
• I love how I feel when you look at me.

Try to choose a mix of reasons. Be sure they’re thoughtful and unique to you (as in if your husband is a terrible cook, you probably don’t want to sing his praises on a love note haha) If you run out of ideas, check out a few short poems or quotes for inspiration.

After you’ve created your notes, it’s time to surprise your partner! Here are some great ideas:
• Tape one to the bathroom mirror in the morning while they’re in the shower
• If they take a lunch to work, put one in their lunchbox before they leave
• Hide one in their sock drawer
• Sneak one onto the front seat of their car
• Stick one inside of their laptop, or taped to their computer monitor

Don’t stress if you can’t think of 14 different ways to surprise them, as that’s not necessary! You can even pick just one technique (like taping one to their mirror each morning), and the excitement will be the same. What matters most is the effort.

You can even just “stack the deck” and surprise your partner on Valentine’s Day with a mirror full of love! 

image shows a heart drawn on a mirror with sticky notes inside of it

Adapt It For Your Child
Love this idea and want to adapt it for your little one? It’s easy!

Think about your child. What are some things they’ve been working hard on? Areas they’ve improved upon? Things they do really well? Check out these ideas as a starting place:

• I’m so proud of how great you’re doing in math class.
• You take such good care of the puppy
• You are such a great big sister!
• You give the best hugs
• I love what a good helper you are.

Sneak one into their lunchbox each morning before they head off to school. Sweeten the message with some fun candies, like these gummy ones!

Remember: the most important part of this love challenge is just making the effort. Forget a day? Run out of ideas? It’s ok! Your partner (or child) will feel so special every time they receive a surprise love note from you.

Wishing you a Valentine’s Day filled with love!

image shows the name siobhan

Sharing is caring! If you love this post, please share!

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