7 Fun & Easy Back to School Traditions

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With a new school year starting off in a very different way for many of us, it can be hard to get in the “back to school” spirit. Whether you’re going back in-person or learning from home this fall, back to school traditions can help make the new year still feel special!

One of my favorite things about a new school year is the opportunity to celebrate and make it special. I love easy back to school traditions. Even though my boys are young, I loved starting a few of these this past year.

Easy back to school traditions can help make your child’s school year still feel special, even if your school year reality looks a bit different than planned.

Read on for a few of my favorite Fun & Easy Back to School Traditions!

1. Create a Bucket List for the School Year. It always helps to have goals to work to, whether your child wants to go up a reading level or improve their Spanish.

2. Interview Your Kids. This is one that I’m personally really excited to start this year with our 2 year old! The concept is that you give your child a survey right before their first day of school to help document their lives and who they are at this point in time. You can start this as young as preschool, and continue these interviews through the first day of 12th grade!

first day of school interview

I was so excited about this that I actually created a free printable first day of school questionnaire for preschool through grade 5! It’s such an easy option to print yourself at home. To grab yours, just enter your details below to download and subscribe to my newsletter. I promise I won’t fill your inbox with junk!

Bonus idea: video tape their answers so you can combine all of them after their senior year!

3. Celebrate “School Year’s Eve.” Get noise makers, some yummy snacks and throw a night before the new school year dance party!

Our family celebrates School Year’s Eve by cooking a special dinner together. This year we made french bread pizzas, which are so easy for little hands to help with! If you want to whip it up from scratch, this cottage cheese pizza crust is so easy.

4. Take a Photo. No matter where your student is learning, documenting a new school year with a first and last day of school photo is a wonderful tradition. There are so many ways to do this: use a chalkboard, printable, t-shirt and more! Here’s my toddler on the first and last day of his morning out program using a letter board.

5. Make a special breakfast. Before you know it you’ll be back in the throws of making whatever is easiest in the morning. Why not whip up a special breakfast for their first day of school? In our house we will be making special smiley face chocolate chip pancakes this year!

How gorgeous are these fun Happy First Day of School waffles by @confettiaffairs on Instagram?

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6. Start the day with a surprise. Who doesn’t love a surprise? Whether you wrap up school supplies, a fun new customized water bottle or a new book, it’s a fun way to help make this school year feel extra special. You could even make cute back to school hats.

7. Plan a special activity or dinner for the end of the first day of school. From creating a unique craft, including an extra special dinner treat or visiting a favorite park, there are lots of ways to make this first day back to school fun. Use this time to make some all about me crafts or throw a special at home party!

Back to School Traditions Help Make the School Year Feel Special

While these are just a few of my family’s favorite back to school rituals, there are so many ideas out there!

How will you be working to make this school year feel special despite all of the craziness?

fun and easy back to school traditions

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