Quarantine Themed Birthday Party

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My dad turns 70 this year. We originally had planned on throwing him a big bash, but with the continued need for social distancing we instead threw him a small surprise birthday party this weekend. Even with just our family able to be present, we still wanted to mark the occasion, so we created a Quarantine Themed Birthday Party!

Archer and my dad almost share a birthday: Archer was born July 26th, and my dad July 28th. With my dad turning 70 this year we wanted to surprise him with a big, huge birthday bash. With the continued need for social distancing, we made the tough decision to scrap those plans.

Instead, we planned a small surprise birthday BBQ at our house, and made it a Quarantined Themed Birthday Party! I’ve linked everything below in case you’re looking for the perfect items to throw your own Quarantine Themed Birthday Party, too.

Quarantine themed birthday party

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Quarantine Themed Birthday Party

With my dad turning 70, I knew we couldn’t let that big birthday pass without doing something. The perfect plan was to lead him to believe that we were throwing a birthday party for Archer’s 2nd birthday. Instead, we were sneakily planning a surprise birthday party for him!

My sister-in-law had the idea of ordering matching quarantine birthday themed t-shirts. She ordered these custom ones for Grandpa and Archer to match. I planned the rest of the surprise party around the quarantine theme!

quarantine birthday party

Quarantine birthday t-shirts

I made the balloon arches and garland myself quickly and easily! I ordered these yellow balloons and these black ones from Amazon, and am really happy with the quality. I also ordered this super cheap caution tape, which was perfect for extra decor!

quarantine birthday balloon garland

If you want to make your own balloon garland, I created a step by step DIY balloon garland tutorial last year for Archer’s first birthday, The Absolute Easiest DIY Balloon Garland Arch.

quarantine birthday party

I made the printables and had them printed at our local office store.

This quarantine themed birthday party was simple and easy, but still helped to make my dad feel loved. Just because we can’t have “normal” parties right now doesn’t mean special days should pass without some kind of fun.

I hope this Quarantine Themed Birthday Party post helps inspire you on how to throw an easy party for someone special in your life.

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Quarantine Themed Birthday Party

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