DIY Wild One First Birthday Party

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Have your own little wild one? Read on for everything you need to know on how to throw a fun and easy Wild One First Birthday Party! Check out all the 1st birthday party supplies and birthday decor you need for baby’s first birthday.

Ok so full disclosure: Archer turned 2 this year, and I’m just now FINALLY writing about this amazing DIY Wild One First Birthday Party that we threw for him. Gotta love the scattered mom brain. Anyone else feel that way sometimes??

When he turned one, I wanted to create a fun and creative DIY first birthday party that not only looked amazing, but didn’t require a ton of hours of effort on our end. For Archer’s 1st birthday I was 6 months pregnant with our second baby!

I was exhausted and felt gigantic, but I still wanted to create something really fun and special. Enter the DIY Wild One First Birthday Party! This fun party was created to be a combination of a Where the Wild Things Are birthday party, and a wild one jungle birthday party, and I love how it turned out.

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Wild One First Birthday

Parents at Wild One First Birthday Party

We went with the “Wild ONE” birthday party theme because Archer loves animals and is honestly completely WILD. If you’re looking for boys’ first birthday party ideas, this might be a fun way to do it! How could we not go big to celebrate his first year?? After all, it’s the first time we are celebrating his birthday!

This fun DIY Wild One First Birthday Party was so fun to create. I used a combination of inexpensive and easy to find party supplies, plus some easy DIY creations!

This themed first birthday party was inspired by both Where the Wild Things Are (one of my favorite childhood books), as well as Archer’s love of “wild things” in the jungle. What we ended up coming up with was a more unique twist on the trendy Wild One First Birthday Party!

For our fun DIY Wild One First Birthday Party, I created all of the party decorations myself, including our balloon arches and garland! After seeing how expensive it would be to purchase just one professional made garland, I was sure I could do it myself for a fraction of the cost.

If you love Where the Wild Things Are too, be sure to also check out Where The Wild Things Are Baby Clothing Finds.

balloon decorations for wild one 1st birthday party
close up image of balloon garland

I was right! Creating a DIY balloon arch is SO easy and make perfect 1st birthday decorations. I used them in multiple places, including over the dining room entrance. Below are the supplies I used, and for the full DIY balloon garland tutorial, check out The Absolute Easiest DIY Balloon Garland Arch.

I incorporated those same fun leaves from the balloon garland into almost every aspect of decorating for the Wild One 1st Birthday Party. I especially loved using them to create this easy monthly milestone photo arch around our kitchen window!

monthly milestone photos on jungle leaves

As someone who loves a good theme party, I couldn’t resist dressing Archer in a costume! I found this adorable Max/Where the Wild Things Are romper and birthday crown, which was perfect. His costume was my favorite detail!

birthday boy in wild one costume

Here are a few more awesome Wild One First Birthday costume options!

We also encouraged our guests to dress in costume too. We invited any “little wild ones” who wanted to join to come dressed up, and it was so cute and fun! How cute are these party animals??

birthday friends in animal costumes

I loved seeing his friends in costume, and it made this Where the Wild Things Are first birthday party so much more fun. I’m going to cherish this photo of him and his best friend buddies forever!

I also incorporated fun animal accents into the food. Archer’s birthday cake was actually from our local grocery store (because they are delicious and so affordable), but I decorated it myself! The small round one made the perfect smash cake.

close up of first birthday cakes
close up image of a charcuterie plate

Our big boy loved his DIY Wild One First Birthday Party so much. On the dessert table we little party details like gold animals on toothpicks, and I made the elephant cake topper myself by painting a store bought elephant figurine gold!

I created his birthday banner using stickers and burlap, but there are so many easy options available online too! I used one of the banners as a high chair decoration as well. I found the happy birthday banner letters on the clothespin garland banner at our local craft store.

Picture of Wild One First Birthday Party

Here are a few of the best Wild One First Birthday Party banners and Where the Wild Things Are First Birthday banners I’ve found. You can also find a lot of supplies at Party City too (they also have great party favors).

If you’re planning a first birthday party for your wild one too, I hope this post helped give you some inspiration! A first birthday is such an exciting milestone.

This Wild One First Birthday Party is perfect for your little animal and a great way to celebrate baby’s first birthday. It was the perfect combination of a jungle first birthday and a Where the Wild Things Are first birthday party and would be perfect for a little boy or little girl!

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