Easy 4th of July Fireworks Craft for Kids

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Create fun and easy firework art this Independence Day with your kiddos using art supplies you already have around the house.

image shows fireworks made with paint and a toilet paper roll

Crafts are a great way to celebrate any holiday, but an especially good thing to have on hand when it’s too hot to play. We live in Atlanta, and July 4th is always one of the hottest days of the year!

Between the BBQs, parades, fireworks and food, our kids love celebrating July 4th. They also love a good painting project, and had so much fun creating these easy 4th of July fireworks crafts!

image shows children making an easy 4th of July craft

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Easy July 4th Toilet Paper Roll Craft

You can’t go wrong with toilet paper roll crafts! There are so many options of how to use this versatile craft supply.

This craft is wildly easy, appropriate for a wide variety of ages and skill levels, and uses supplies you most likely already have in your house (which is always a win). It’s a fun art project the whole family will have fun doing together. My 4 and 5 year old kids loved it, but so did my 20 month old!

Supplies Needed for 4th of July Firework Craft for Kids

image shows the supplies you need to make this 4th of july craft for kids

To make this easy firework craft, you’ll need the following supplies:

  • Empty toilet paper rolls
  • Scissors
  • Paper plates
  • Craft paper, construction paper or card stock
  • Red paint
  • Blue paint
  • White paint
  • Optional: marker (if you want to incorporate scissor practice)
  • Optional: baby wipes (for clean up if you have little kids)

Our family uses this washable non-toxic kid paint at home because we still have a toddler in the house. However, with older kiddos you can use any kind of paint you feel is appropriate for them, like acrylic paint.

We used construction paper because it was what we had on hand, but heavy white paper or card stock would also work great!

Don’t have red, white and/or blue paint? That’s totally ok! Fireworks come in all sorts of colors. The beauty of this craft is it doesn’t have to be perfect!

How to Make a 4th of July Firework with a Toilet Paper Roll

This toilet paper roll 4th of July fireworks craft for kids is such a fun, hands on art project! Heads up that this one is MESSY. That’s part of the fun, but be prepared and have your clean up supplies ready to go.

First, you’ll need to cut your toilet paper roll. Holding it vertically, cut vertical lines about ½ – 2/3 the way up the roll. Continue making these same vertical cuts evenly around.

image shows a child cutting a toilet paper roll

This is a great opportunity for scissor skill practice! I drew lines with a black marker for my older kids, and let them cut their own. They loved being in charge of that, and it also helped this craft time keep their attention for longer 😉

image shows a cut toilet paper roll

Once the toilet paper roll is all cut, carefully press the cut cardboard pieces out so the bottom looks like a firework.

image shows a cut toilet paper roll with the pieces being flattened

Next, pour out the red, white and blue paint on paper plates.

To make this craft a little less crazy for me, I poured it all on one paper plate. This way, little hands weren’t reaching all over the place. With older kids I recommend a separate paper plate with each color of paint.

image shows paint on a table for an Independence Day craft

Lay down the construction paper, dip the toilet paper roll into the paint and begin to stamp the paper. I chose to give my kids one toilet paper roll each as they still have little hands. If you would like to use separate toilet paper rolls for each color paint, you’ll need more of them.

Image shows a hand stamping paint on a piece of yellow construction paper

I love the way the layered colors of paint turned out! The paint doesn’t need to dry in between layers, so your kids can keep going until they are happy with the finished project.

image shows a child crafting

They can also add glitter to the wet paint, or top it with a little glue and glitter after it’s dry for some cute, sparkly fireworks.

Let these 4th of July crafts for kids dry fully and be sure to write your little artist’s name on theirs. Hang them up and display as some adorable 4th of July party décor and wall art!

This is a great patriotic craft for toddlers, preschoolers and elementary school kids. Honestly my husband and I also had a great time helping our youngest stamp his!

image shows a toddler creating a July 4th craft

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