Handprint Craft for Grandma

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This DIY gift for Grandma made with a free printable template is perfect for her birthday, Mother’s Day, Grandparent’s Day or any occasion at all!

DIY handprint craft for grandma grandmother nana

If your children have a grandmother in their lives, she’s most likely someone they think the world of. My boys love their Nana and Soo-Soo (my husband’s mother) so much.

Little kids have such a special bond with their grandmother. No matter what you call her (Nanny, Memaw, Granny, Abuela), finding a way to make sure she feels loved is always important. When it comes to Mother’s Day or Grandparent’s Day, a handprint gift is a wonderful choice and makes such a treasured keepsake.

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Happy Mothers Day Grandma Printable

I love making handprint crafts with my kids when they’re little. Their little hands and feet grow so fast, and it’s so sweet (and slightly heartbreaking) to look back on these crafts and remember these little years.

Handprint crafts also make really wonderful gifts. Just pop them in a frame! That’s exactly where the idea of this craft came from: I wanted to create something special for my mom for this year’s Mother’s Day, and using a printable template makes things super easy.

While this craft was originally created for Mother’s Day, the free printable template can actually be used as a gift any time of the year. I purposely left any mention of a holiday off of the digital file instant download.

Make this DIY homemade gift at home, or teachers can use it as an activity for preschool, kindergarten or day care classes. This also makes a great DIY grandma birthday card, too!

images shows grandma handprint craft after adding child's hand

How to Use this Free Printable Handprint Craft for Grandma

We love free printables to celebrate a special day! Handmade pieces make the perfect gift, and can also double as handmade cards.

This DIY craft was designed to be a super easy activity and so much fun for kids of all ages. First, download the free template, select the grandmother name you prefer and print out that page. I included more than one “grandma selection,” as not everyone uses the same word!

Choose from:

  • Grandma
  • Nana
  • Abuela
  • Granny

There is also a Grandma page that doesn’t have a handprint, in case your child would like to do this fun activity WITH their grandmother. Either way, this is a great gift idea. Just scroll to the bottom of this post to get the complete set.

Using a soft paint brush, apply kid-safe paint to your child’s hand. Gently press their hand down on top of the tan handprint on the paper, making sure their fingers all make contact with with the paper. Pull their hand straight back up. The two handprints together create the quote, “Yours will always be my favorite hand to hold.”

I recommend wiping your child’s hands off with baby wipes to get most of the paint off, and then washing them gently with soap and water. Older kids can do this craft with minimal supervision, while young children will need varied levels of help.

Let the paint dry fully before placing it in a frame. Your child’s grandma is sure to cherish this precious gift and it’s such a beautiful personal touch.

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options for the free printable grandma gift

Download the Free Printable DIY Grandma Craft Templates

I’ve included 5 different options in the printable template for these DIY Mother’s Day handprint craft for Grandma.

This is a great craft for homeschool, preschool classroom use and more. You will receive READY-TO-PRINT DIGITAL files in a PDF format that you can print at home or in any local or online print shop!

I recommend printing these on plain white card stock for best results, but you can also use construction paper or another type of thick paper.

These printable templates are free for you to use, but ONLY for personal use. Enter your information below to get yours, and the printable PDF will be emailed to you immediately.

Just enter your details below and it will be sent to your inbox.

I recommend saving the printable file to your computer before using. You can use the PDF file over and over again to create printable mothers day cards for the beloved grandma (or grandmas!) in your life.

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Easy DIY Mother’s Day Handprint Craft (Free Printable Template)

I hope this craft helps you if you’re looking for mother’s day printables for Grandma or another mother figure. Handprint crafts make such great gift ideas. Be sure to check out this collection of free printable mother’s day cards, too.

Looking for some yummy snacks to give grandma? She might love these No Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies that even young kids can help make, or Chocolate Crinkle Cookies that are great for older children to help with. Pair them with one of these printable cards and a cute picture or Mother’s Day art and you’ve got a complete gift ready to go for the special women in your life.

Here’s to creating heartfelt gifts for the best Grandma with the special keepsake gift that doubles as beautiful cards. Happy Mother’s Day!

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