Free Printable Leprechaun Trap Signs

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This bright and colorful collection of free printable Leprechaun Trap Signs are perfect for your DIY leprechaun trap! Your children will love trying to catch one this year.

image shows the printable leprechaun trap signs

Last year my kids came home from preschool and had only one thing on their mind: a leprechaun trap. And I was completely lost on what the heck they were talking about.

It turns out that leprechaun traps are actually an incredibly easy and fun DIY project to do together as a family leading up to St. Patrick’s Day. All you need is a box and a little creativity. Printables help to make projects like this even easier!

We had so much fun making our own leprechaun trap last year, but this year I wanted to create something to make this even easier on busy parents.  Make your trap even more enticing to those sneaky leprechauns with this free printable set of fun signs! Just download, print and let your littles take the lead in decorating.

My crew might not have caught their own leprechaun yet, but I love watching all the fun they have trying. Their giggles the next morning after setting it up are so sweet!

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How to Make a Leprechaun Trap

My favorite part of making our own leprechaun trap is that you can use anything, and kids of all ages will love thinking up fun ideas of how to craft one and catch their own little leprechauns!

Here are some easy leprechaun trap ideas as you brainstorm how to get the elusive leprechaun’s attention:

Common household items are perfect for this festive activity, and a great way to recycle and use what you already have.

An old cardboard cereal box or tissue box can be covered in green construction paper. Incorporate popsicle sticks into the structure or use a toilet paper roll!

You can also find lots of possible supplies at your local dollar store, or repurpose an old cardboard box too.

According to my kiddos, leprechauns love green and gold, and of course shiny things and rainbows! Use plenty of color, glitter, gold coins, sequins and other fun supplies to attract those magical little guys to your trap. Remember, leprechauns are quick and very sneaky and love vibrant colors.

You’ll also need a secret trap door! In our printable set we’ve included on that you can print out and put over a hole in your box. When the sneaky little leprechaun steps on it, hopefully he’ll fall in!

Don’t forget the yummy treats. Lucky Charms cereal is one of their favorite snacks! You can also find chocolate gold coins, too. My kids love to put these at the end of a rainbow. Last year they made a rainbow path coloring with markers. It doesn’t have to be complicated to be fun!

image shows printable leprechaun trap props

How to Use Printable Leprechaun Trap Signs

Just scroll down to get the free printable PDF file. Printing them was designed to be super easy. I recommend using white card stock for best results and sturdier signs, but you can also use regular printer paper if that’s all you have.

Download the file and print at home. Cut out the leprechaun trap pieces. You can glue the signs directly on your own trap with hot glue. Your kids can have more control if you use a glue stick or glue dots. You can also attach them to the end of a straw or stick or even use pipe cleaners!

Download the Free Printable Leprechaun Trap Signs

This is a great craft for homeschool, preschool classroom use and more. You will receive READY-TO-PRINT DIGITAL files in a PDF format that you can print at home or in any local or online print shop!

I recommend printing these on plain white card stock for best results, but you can also use construction paper or another type of thick paper.

These printable templates are free for you to use, but ONLY for personal use. Enter your information below to get yours, and the printable PDF will be emailed to you immediately.

Just enter your details below and it will be sent to your inbox.

I recommend saving the printable file to your computer before using. You can use the PDF file over and over again to create multiple leprechaun traps to trick that sneaky leprechaun into thinking he’s going to find a pot of gold!

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I hope you and your family love these printable trap signs! Good luck catching your own lucky leprechaun this year!

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