How to Make Coffee Filter Snowflakes

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Learn how to make beautiful Coffee Filter Snowflakes! You’ll love this easy Christmas craft for kids!

image shows snowflakes made from coffee filters

Coffee filter snowflakes are fun to make on chilly days, and are perfect to decorate your home during winter. They’re actually really easy to create, and the entire project can be done in one day if you start in the morning to give them time to dry.

Coffee filters are lightweight, which makes them easy to cut through and great cutting practice for preschoolers and small kids. You can also use coffee filter snowflakes to teach color mixing because the water allows the colors to bleed together, creating new colors!

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Supplies for Coffee Filter Snowflakes

craft supplies needed for coffee filter snowflakes

To make these cute winter crafts, you’ll need a few simple craft materials you probably already have around your house:

  • Coffee filters
  • Washable markers
  • Water
  • Spray bottle or dropper
  • Scissors
  • A tray to contain the mess (I use cookie sheets)

How to Make Coffee Filter Snowflakes

child coloring coffee filter

1. Start by flattening your coffee filters and coloring them with washable markers. Any designs work, as in the end the colors all bleed together as long as you’re using washable markers!

You can let your kids pick any color combination they want. Try to leave as little white space as possible so your colors look bolder when completed.

dropping water on colored coffee filter

2. Once you’ve finished coloring, place your coffee filters onto trays or plates to contain the mess. Using a dropper or spray bottle, wet down the coffee filters.

Make sure no dry spots are left so that the colors fully dissolve, but don’t let your kids totally soak their filters or the colors will wash out and they will also take forever to dry.

3. Let the filters dry completely. I use a cookie rack for this! All of our filters were dry in about 2 hours.

folds for coffee filter snowflakes

4. Fold the dry coffee filters in half 4 times, lining up the edges each time. Your final shape should resemble a triangle.

easy cut snowflake pattern

5. I wanted a design that required zero preplanning and stencils. Cutting out a Christmas-tree shape is simple, and results in a beautiful snowflake!

Get creative with your cuts and see what other shapes emerge. Remember to always cut on the OPEN sides of the folded coffee filters.

coffee filter snowflake

Gently unfold the coffee filters and enjoy your beautiful designs! They make a great Christmas decoration, or hung up on windows as suncatchers too.

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coffee filter snowflakes on door

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