The Perfect Gifts for Baby’s First Easter

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As a new mom, I get so excited about baby A’s “firsts!” Baby’s first Easter is no exception in our house, as I love creating cute Easter basket surprises. Looking for the perfect gifts for baby’s first Easter? I put together some of my faves for you!

While I might not be able to fill his basket with candy just yet, I *can* snag some cute, practical gifts. I picked some of my favorite snuggly stuffed animals, spring-themed essentials and Easter accessories that are perfect for your little one’s first Easter, too.

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Perfect Gifts for Baby’s First Easter

Stuffed Easter Animals

You can’t go wrong with sweet stuffed animals for baby’s first Easter! These adorable stuffed animals are perfect options for your little one.

Personalized Baby’s First Easter Gifts

One of the most special parts for me as a mom for my little one’s first anything is the chance to give a personalized gift that we can treasure. I love creating gifts with my boys’ names on them! 

These personalized baby first Easter gifts are sure to delight your little one.

Books for Baby’s First Easter

Baby can never have too many books! Whether you choose an Easter book, a fun, soft sensory book, or just a tough board book he can chew on, books are a great addition to your baby’s first Easter basket.

Touch and feel board books are always a great option too.

Sensory Toys

I am a huge fan of sensory toys! I love watching my children’s faces light up when they discover a new sound, sight or texture. 

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Musical Toys

If you have a budding musician on your hands (or just love music yourself), a musical toy is a wonderful addition to baby first Easter basket!

Bibs for Baby

We all know babies get messy when they start eating solids, but if you haven’t entered teething land yet, you’ll need bibs for that too! Silicone bibs and washable bibs make fantastic options for mealtime, while these cute bandana bibs double as both an accessory and a great option to keep baby cleaner while drooling up a teething storm!

Baby’s First Easter Outfits

How could we NOT talk about the outfits?? There are so many adorable outfits to choose from for baby’s first Easter. Here are a few for boys and girls that I think you might love too!

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