The Best Breastfeeding Accessories

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In case no one told you: breastfeeding is hard for most new moms. I struggled with both of my boys, but there are so many things that can help you, like this list of the best breastfeeding accessories and best breastfeeding products.

Learning to breastfeed is a journey for both mama and baby. While struggling to breastfeed my first child, I read a statistic that said 90% of first-time moms struggle to breastfeed! If you are looking for help with your breastfeeding journey, there are so many options that can help you.

I learned through trial and error some of the best breastfeeding accessories and products. Learn from my mistakes! I wasted so much money on items that honestly just didn’t get the job done. I hope this list of the best breastfeeding products is truly helpful for you too.

Note: Some links may be affiliate links. That means I may make a commission if you use my links to purchase, at no extra added cost to you! I only recommend products that I personally love and believe in. Full disclaimer here.

The Best Breastfeeding Products & Accessories

Before we dive into some of the best breastfeeding accessories out there, I want to tell you the #1 thing that is going to make the MOST difference in your personal breastfeeding journey: education.

Having the right information, and learning from a professional, is essential. Remember, most moms struggle with breastfeeding. I struggled with both of my boys! By far the biggest thing that helped me was learning as much as I could.

I highly recommend this online breastfeeding class by Stacey Stewart, a Certified Lactation Educator and breastfeeding mama. I took this class after giving birth to my second child, and was shocked by how much I learned!

My favorite part? It’s only $19! It’s such a crazy deal, and will save you so much heartache versus trying to figure things out on your own.

Click here check it out for yourself.

Ok, let’s dive into some of the best breastfeeding accessories!

The Hakaa

This thing is seriously amazing. The hakaa is essentially a manual breast pump. You can attach it to your opposite breast when you are breastfeeding your baby to catch your let down, instead of wasting it. It also functions as a manual breast pump when you realize you desperately need to pump but don’t have your electric one with you.

You can also use the hakaa to help gently unclog milk ducts. That was life changing for me!

SHOP>> Order The Hakaa here on Amazon

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Nipple Cream

organic nipple cream

One of the best pieces of advice I received while struggling to breastfeed was to keep my nipples hydrated BEFORE they started to crack and bleed. I recommend starting some kind of nipple cream immediately after giving birth.

Creams made specifically for breastfeeding nipples are perfectly safe for your baby, and can be applied before and after feeding or pumping.

You can also apply coconut oil to your nipples if you’re searching for something 100% natural that really works for hydration.

SHOP>> Order the Earth Mama Organic Nipple Butter here

Hands Free Pumping Bra

Ok, why don’t more people talk about how important pumping bras are?? I struggled for nearly three weeks with my first baby, trying to pump while holding the freaking flanges on, or trying to make them stay with my nursing bra. Ordering a hands free pumping bra seriously changed the game for me.

It allows you to pump hands free (duh), which means you are able to actually do other things while pumping! I recommend you order at least 2, as your milk will absolutely leak on them and they need to be washed a bunch.

SHOP>> Order this Hands Free Pumping Bra here

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Nursing Bra

You 100% need a quality nursing bra when you are breastfeeding. I actually recommend purchasing nursing bras when you are pregnant, as your breasts can grow up to 2 whole cup sizes!

SHOP>> Order the above Kindred Bravely Nursing Bra here

4 pack of nursing bras

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Reusable Nursing Pads

Your boobs WILL leak. There’s no way around that. And it might happen a lot!

Rather than go through a ton of disposable ones, I recommend these great reusable nursing pads. They are soft and comfortable, even when your nipples are irritated. They are easy to throw in a garment bag and wash, and are also slim enough to not be super bulky in your bra.

SHOP>> Order these Baby Bliss Reusable Nursing pads here

And if you would prefer a disposable option, check out these: Lansinoh Disposable Nursing Pads

Nursing Tanks

nursing tank tops

While you don’t need to buy a bunch of “nursing specific” clothing, nursing tanks are one of the best breastfeeding accessories. They make feeding so easy and you can wear them under anything.

SHOP>> Order this 4 Pack of Nursing Tank Tops here

Muslin Swaddle Blankets

floral muslin swaddle blankets

You might be confused by this, but trust me when I say that muslin swaddle blankets are great for more than just swaddling your baby! I love to use muslin swaddle blankets as a giant burp cloth and a layer to protect my clothing while feeding or pumping.

You can also use a muslin swaddle blanket as a lightweight nursing cover if you are uncomfortable nursing in public. They are airy enough that baby won’t get too hot.

SHOP>> Order these beautiful extra large muslin swaddle blankets here

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Mattress Protector

mattress protector for queen size bed

If you didn’t know, the 4th trimester is MESSY! Not only will your sweet baby potentially be spitting up a ton, but your boobs will also have a mind of their own.

There were so many nights where I was absolutely covered in spit up after a feed, which meant our bed was too. There were also quite a few nights where my boobs felt like they had leaked gallons of breastmilk all over everything while I was sleeping.

I’m so glad that we had a mattress cover on our bed to protect our mattress! It’s so much easier to wash a mattress protector than try to clean a mattress.

SHOP>> Order this mattress protector here

There are so many products out there to help you with breastfeeding, and these are some of my personal favorites. If I missed one you love, tell me in the comments below! And remember to pin this list of the best breastfeeding products to your pinboard on Pinterest so you can easily find it again.

best breastfeeding essentials on Amazon

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