Thanksgiving I am Thankful Turkey Headband Craft {Free Printable Template}

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Print and decorate this cute I am Thankful turkey headband! This simple Thanksgiving craft is a great activity to help children think about what they’re grateful for.

image shows a thanksgiving turkey headband

Our family loves Thanksgiving. Over the years it’s become one of our very favorite holidays to spend together. My older boys love helping to cook Thanksgiving dinner (my middle one loves to do the turkey injection!) and we spend the entire day doing crafts in between.

Thanksgiving is a day to pause and reflect on what we have to be thankful for. For kids, this can be challenging! It can be tough to sit and focus on being grateful when all you want to do is play.

That’s where a good I am thankful worksheet comes in. This free printable I am Thankful Turkey Headband craft is the perfect activity. It’s a fun way to keep gratitude at the forefront of the day, while also keeping little hands occupied.

It also makes a great classroom Thanksgiving activity in the days leading up to the holiday, too. Kids of all ages can enjoy it! This cute craft is a simple activity that’s ideal for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarten, and elementary aged children. It’s like a thankful activity that they can also wear (which we all know little kids love).

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image shows the pieces to make a turkey headband craft

How to Make the Thankful Turkey Headband

Make Thanksgiving all about gratitude for kids with this adorable printable turkey hat craft. Simply cut and assemble for a festive DIY experience. Download, create, and enjoy a crafty holiday!

This printable craft comes with all of the parts needs to put together this Thanksgiving Turkey Hat or Headband, including extenders to ensure the right fit for the kiddos!

This turkey headband craft is a perfect way to build new family memories and get in the Thanksgiving spirit doing a fun activity together.

You’ll need the following supplies for this I am thankful craft for kids:

8 1/2″ x 11″ White Cardstock
Stapler or Tape

template pieces for turkey headband

Step #1: Download file and print out the template.

The template was designed to create two turkey headbands.

Page 2 is an example of what your finished craft might look like. Pages 3 & 4 include the headband strips, eyes, nose and gobble. Pages 5 & 6 have the turkey’s head and body, and pages 7-12 have the feather outlines.

Each completed headband will use 2 headband strips, 2 eyes, 1 nose, 1 gobble and 6 feathers. I recommend printing everything on white cardstock if you’d like the kids to color everything.

If you are using these as an activity at a school, church or large family gathering, you can also print the feather pages on colored paper to save assembly time. You could do one color of red feathers, one of orange, one yellow etc. for this I am thankful kid craft.

Younger kids love to use this as a coloring worksheet before assembling the crown.

Step #2: Write on the feathers.

This is one of my favorite parts of this Thanksgiving craft! Have your child think about what they are thankful for and write one thing on each feather.

If your child is younger, they’ll need your help for this part. If you’re doing this activity at a large family gathering, this is a great step to ask older kids to help with. Or, little ones can also draw a picture of each thing they’re thankful for.

thankful turkey feathers

Step #3: Cut out the pieces and assemble the headband.

Cut out each of the pieces. Glue the turkey body circles together, and then add the eyes, beak and gobble. Glue the completed body to the middle of one of the headband strips.

Let your child glue the feathers one however they would like, as this is a simple way to work on fine motor skills.

Size your child’s head with the remaining headband pieces. Staple or tape the headband to fit your child. Wear these at the Thanksgiving table or all day!

Need another activity? One of the great things about these free printable worksheets is that you can use the pieces in a variety of ways this time of the year.

Make a Thankful tree! Use the feather pieces as tree leaves instead. Draw a tree trunk on a piece of paper and let your kids paste the leaves on with what they’re thankful for. It’s another excellent activity for the Thanksgiving season.

You can also use the feather pieces to fill a gratitude jar too this fall season.

colored thankful turkey craft
My 5 year old’s finished project, before adding on the extenders so he can wear it.

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Get the Free Printable I am Thankful Thanksgiving Turkey Craft for Kids

We love free printables! This is a digital design- no physical product is sent to you. You will receive READY-TO-PRINT DIGITAL file in a PDF format that you can print at home or in any local or online print shop.

For best results I recommend printing this on plain white card stock, but you can also use construction paper, colored cardstock or another type of thick paper. Regular paper will work fine, but the turkey crowns will be a bit flimsy.

You can print this file out again and again as many times as you would like!

This I am thankful craft for kids is free for you to use, but ONLY for personal use (or classroom use). Enter your information below to gain access to the free download, and the free printable PDF file will be sent to your email address immediately for instant download.

This Thanksgiving activity is a great way to help even our youngest family members have an attitude of gratitude in the holiday season and beyond. On Thanksgiving Day you can take turns going around the dinner table to share with the whole family.

I hope you and your family love these Thanksgiving i am thankful for free printables. Happy Thanksgiving!

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