Best Irish Baby Names

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If you’re on the hunt for a baby name with meaning, an Irish name might be just what you’re looking for. Read on for over 150 of the best Irish baby names for both boys and girls (with pronunciation)!

As someone with Irish roots who was graced with an incredibly Irish first name (and one of the more unique Irish names), it’s hard to NOT put together a list of some of the best Irish baby names! They’re strong, timeless and with their unique spellings and pronunciations can also feel a little bit magical, especially if you have Irish heritage.

Many of the baby names on this list can also be categorized as unisex baby names, which makes for an even more unique name many times.

Choosing a baby name is a uniquely personal choice, and can also be an incredibly fun decision. Let this list of more than 150 of the best Irish baby names help you as you name your decision!

I’ve also included a short, basic phonetic pronunciation for each name, as Irish baby names can be notoriously challenging for many people. If there’s a name that sparks your interest, I recommend heading to YouTube to listen to different recorded pronunciations of it.

To make it easier to find the perfect name, I’ve split them into two sections: the best Irish Baby Girl Names, and the Best Irish Baby Boy Names. Included are traditional Irish names, unusual Irish baby names, and some great gender-neutral options, too.

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Best Irish Baby Girl Names

Congratulations on that sweet baby girl headed your way! Read on for some of the best Irish baby girl names!

Abigail – (AEB-ih-GeyL) Of Gaelic origin, Abigail is a traditional name that can take many nicknames, such as Abby, Gail, or Gael. There are also a couple other spellings, such as Abaigael and Abaigeal.

Ailbhe – (al-va) The name Ailbhe means “noble” or “bright”.

Aibreann – (aeBR-aoN) Aibreann is of Celtic origin meaning “April”.

Aine – (on-yah or awn-yah) Áine means “radiance” and was the name of the Irish Celtic goddess of wealth and summer.

Aisling – (Ash-lean) Aisling means a “dream” or “vision”. Short form is Ash. It refers to an aisling, a poetic genre that developed during the late 17th and 18th century in Irish language genre poetry.

Alannah –(uh-laa-nuh or e-LAN-uh) This means “precious” or “child” Alana, Alanna, or Alannah can be derived either from the Old High German word for “precious” or from the Irish language term “a leanbh” for “child.” In Gaelic, Alanna is the term for “beauty” or “serenity.”

Aoibheann –  (Ay-veen or EE-ven) The name Aoibheann, means “fair radiance.”

Aoife – (ee-fa) Also spelled Aífe, Aeife, it means “beauty” or “radiance.”

Betha – (BEH-THAH) The meaning of the name Betha, is “life,” “livelihood” or “pledged to God.” It’s a diminutive form of of Elizabeth.

Blair(BLehR) This popular name means child of the fields.

Brianna – (bree-AN-uh) Meaning high or noble.

Bridget – (brij-it) Means “power, strength, vigor, virtue.” An alternate meaning of the name is “exalted one.” Can also be spelled Bridgid or Brighid.

Caireann(Kay-reen or Kay-ren) Caireann means “little friend” or “little love.”

Caitlin – (Kate-lyn or Kat-leen) This common name means pure.

Calli – (Cal-lee) Meaning most beautiful, it is often used as a pet form of Callista. Variations include Callie, Callee, Caly, Kallie, Cali, and Calla.

Caoimhe – (quee-va or kee-va) A fairly common feminine name in Ireland, Caoimhe means “beautiful,” “gentle” or “kind.”

Cara – (CAR-a or CARE-uh) Cara means beloved or friend, and the names Carina, Cherie, and Cheryl derive from it.

Ciara – (See-arh-ah) This cute name means “little dark one.”

Claire – (KLAIR) A medieval name meaning ”clear, bright, famous.”

Chloe – (KHLO-ee) This name means “blooming, young green shoot, green foliage or shoots of plants.”

Cordelia – (Kawr-DEL-ee-ə/kawr-DEL-yə) The name Cordelia means “of the sea” or “jewel of the sea.”

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Daimhin – (daw – veen) From damh “deer” and the diminutive -in, this charming name means little deer.

Daire – (Dah- rah) The name Daire, means “fruitful” or “fertile” and is of Irish origin.

Delaney – (DUH -lay -nee) The Gaelic meaning of this Irish last name is “child of dark defiance” and in English it means “from the alder grove.”

Deidre – (DEE-uh-dree or DAY-DRUH) The name Deirdre, means “she who chatters.” Alternative spelling is Deidra.

Dervil – (Der-uh-vil) This old Irish name may mean “daughter of Fal (Ireland)” or “daughter of a poet” and may also mean “true desire.”

Eabha – (av-va or AY-va) The name Eabha means “life.”

Ealga – (ale -ga) This name means “noble, brave.” The poetic name for Ireland is actually Innis Ealga, which means “The Noble Isle.”

Eileen – (EYE-leen or eye-LEEN) The name Eileen means “beautiful bird.”

Eireann – (Eh-re-ann Eh) Meaning “belonging to the Erainn.” The Erainn were the 2nd of the Celtic groups to come to Ireland.

Eithne – (EH-THNIY or EH-NYAH) Eithne means “kernel” or “grain.”

Eimear – (ee-mer) The name Eimear means Swift. In Irish mythology, Emer was Cuchulainn’s wife and possessed the six gifts of womanhood: beauty, voice, speech, needlework, wisdom and chastity.

Emlyn – (EHM-lin) The name Emlyn means “to strive, excel, or rival.”

Fallon– (FA-lehn) A rather strong Irish surname and unisex baby name meaning ruler or “in charge.”

Fiadh – (Fee-ah) The name Fiadh means “untamed” or “wild.”

Finley – (FIN-lee) Finley means “white warrior.”

Fiona – (fee-OH-nah) Meaning “white” or “fair.”

Gail – (GAYL) Gail is influenced by the word Gael, the Celtic tribe from which the Irish are descended, according to legend.

Geileis – (GAY-leesh) This name means “white swan” or “shining, bright.”

Gormlaith – (gorm – lee) Derived from Irish gorm “blue” or “illustrious” and flaith “princess, lady”.

Grainne – (Grawn-ya or Grah-nya) The meaning of the name Grainne is “charming” or “love.” Grianne was a legendary Gaelic heroine.

Haley– (Hay-lee) Meaning “ingenious” and is often a surname. Variations of the Irish spelling include Hailey and Halle.

Hiolair – (HAY-AHLEH-R) The name Hiolair means “joyous” and “cheerful.” It is also the Irish version of the name Hillary.

Iona – (Ay- OH- nuh) St. Colmcille founded his monastery on Iona, the island between Ireland and Scotland, in 563 AD, and thus the name is associated with “blessed.”

Jilleen – (JHihL- eeyn) Derived from the Latin origin name Juliane, which means “young” or “child-like”.

Kathleen – (KATH-leeyn) The name Kathleen, means “pure” and is a traditional Irish name.

Kayleigh – (KHAY-lee) A form of Kayley which is from the Irish surname from the Irish Gaelic caol, meaning “slender.”

Keela –  (kie-la) Keela is a gorgeous baby girl’s name from Ireland, meaning “beautiful.” It is derived from the Gaelic word Cadhla, which implies “a beauty that only poetry can capture.”

Kelly – (Khel-lee) This Irish girl name means “descendant of Ceallach” and “warrior.”

Kiara – (KEER-ah) Kiara is a melodic Irish name meaning “dark” or “little” or “little dark one.” Another version of the name would be Chiara, Kira or Kiera.

Laoise – (lee-sha) The feminine form of Lugus, the Celtic god of commerce and craftsmanship. The name translated means “light.”

Leah – (LAY-ha or LAY-ah) In the Celtic, Irish and Gaelic language, the name Leah means “the light of the sun.” It is also derived from the Irish word “Ó Laochdha,” meaning “heroic.”

Leianne – (Liy-AEN) This name of Irish origin is a variation of Leiann and Leianna. It means a “lady of great beauty who is fair and radiant.”

Lorna – (LAORN-aa) This name was made famous after the novel Lorna Doone and means “forsaken.”

Maeve – (may-veh) The name, Maeve, means “intoxicating, exhilarating or causing a lot of happiness” and  was the name of the Irish warrior queen.

Maire –(maI-Ya or mai-a) The name Maire means “of the sea” or “bitter.” Alternate versions include Maura and Maureen.

Maolisa – (mail – issa) Means “follower of Jesus.” It’s a name first used by clerics as early as the tenth century.

Mairead – (Muh-RAId) A feminine name and the Irish variation of the name Margaret, which means “pearl.” Alternate spellings include Mairead, Máiréad, or Mairéad.

Meghan – (May-Gen) The name Meghan is derived from the ancient clan Meeghan, and means “brave warrior.”

Moira– (MOY-ruh)- This beautiful Irish baby name means “star of the sea.”

Muireann – (mwir-en) The name Muireann means “sea white” or “sea fair” and comes from a mythical mermaid who was transformed into a woman by a saint.

Neala – (NIY-Laa) Neala is of Irish and Gaelic origin and means “champion.” It’s the feminine version of the name of Neal.

Niamh – (neeve) Niamh is an Irish feminine given name meaning “bright” or “radiant.” Niamh is the daughter of the god of the sea and one of the queens of Tír na nÓg, the land of eternal youth. Alternative versions include Neave, Nieve or Neve.

Oonagh – (oo-na) Oonagh is of Greek, Scottish and Irish origin, and means “pure” or “holy.” In Irish legend, Oonagh was the Queen of the Fairies. Can also be spelt Oona.

Orla – (OR-lah) The root form of the name is Órfhlaith, interpretable as “golden princess.” Variations on this name include Orlaith.

Patricia – (Pah – treesh- Ee- ah) The feminine form of Patrick, this classic Irish baby girl name means “noble.”

Quinn – (KWIN) The name Quinn means “descendent of Conn” and is one of the first Irish unisex surnames.

Reagan – (Traditionally Ree-awn, but more commonly Ree-gan) The name Reagan means “little king.” Can also be spelt Regan.

Riley– (Rie-lee) Riley is a unisex name that means “brave.” Several spelling variations include Reilley, Reilly, Ryley or Ryleigh.

Riona(Ree- on-ah) The name Riona, means “queen.”

Roisin – (ROH-sheen) Means “little rose” and can also be spelled Rosheen.

Saoirse – (sur- shuh) Saoirse is an Irish female name meaning “freedom.”

Shalene – (SHey-Leen) Means meaning “stately, majestic, courteous; also learned, scientific, ingenious or hawk-like.”

Shay – (SHEY) The name Shay means “hawk.”

Sile – (shee-lah) The meaning of this girls’ name is “musical.”

Siomha – (shee-uhh) The name translates to “good spirit.”

Siobhán – (SHA-vaughn or SHI-vaughn) Siobhán is a traditional Irish name meaning “God is gracious.” One of many beautiful Irish names.

Sinead – (shi-NAYD) The name Sinead also means “God is gracious.”

Shannon – (sha- nuhn) Shannon means “old river” is an adorable unisex option for Irish baby names. Alternative spellings include Shannen, Shanon, Shannan, Seanan, and Siannon.

Sorcha– (Sor-ka) The Irish version of the name Sarah, this baby name means brightness.

Tuilelaith – (TIHL-aa-Laa) This traditional Irish baby name means “lady of abundance” or “leaping water.”

Tamsin(tam-sin) Meaning “twin,” Tamsin comes from the shortened version of Thomasina or Thomasine. Variations include Tamsyn, Tamzin, Tamsen and Tamasin.

Tara – (Tah-rhh) The name Tara means “tower” or “hillside.”

Teagan – (tee-gan) Teagan is an Irish baby girl name that means “attractive, beautiful” or “perfect.”

Toireasa – (toh-REH-su) The meaning behind this Irish baby name is “strong.”

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    Best Irish Baby Boy Names

    Now onto the Irish boy names! There are many popular Irish baby boy names that are used all over the world, not just in Ireland! Ryan, Liam and Aiden are many of the classic choices, but there are also so many other unique Irish baby names, too. Read on for some great options for baby boys!

    Aaron– (eii- ron) Means strength or inspired, and can also be spelled Ahren.

    Aban – (AY-bahn) Aban means “little abbot” and was the name of an early Irish saint.

    Aidan – (A-den) Little fiery one. Can also be spelled Aiden. One of the more popular Irish names.

    Ahearn – (A-HURN) Owner of horses

    Ainmire – (AHN-meer) The Gaelic name Ainmire means “Great lord.”

    Ailín – (EY-LihN or AH-LihN) The meaning of Ailín is Cheerful, Noble. Noble. Variations include Alan, Allen, Allan, Alin, Alen.

    Ardal – (awr-dahl) This Irish masculine names means “Highly courageous” or “high valour.”

    Bláán – (BLAA-N) This Gaelic name means “yellow.” Variants include Blaine.

    Blair – (BLehR) Plain or field

    Brendan – (BREN-dan) Little raven. It can also be spelled Brenden or Brendon. Would also make a great middle name.

    Brian – (BRY-en) The traditional Irish name means noble or little king.

    Brosnan – (BROZ – NUHN) From Brosna or near the Brosna river

    Caden – (KAY-den) Spirit of battle

    Calhoun – (Kal-hoon) Narrow woods

    Caolán – (KEE-lin)- Meaning “slender,” “narrow” or “fine.” Anglicized spelled variations include Kelan, Keelan, Keelin and Kealan

    Cathal – (Caa-hill) This beautiful name means “strong in battle”

    Cian – (KEE – UHN) Meaning “ancient” and “enduring one.”

    Ciaran – (KEAR- on) Little dark one. Variations include Kieran, Keiran, Keiron, Keiren.

    Cillian – (Kil-e-an) Warrior, monastery or church

    red headed boy with shamrocks

    Cody – (Koh-Dee) Helpful person. A more popular option in previous years.

    Connell– (Kon-ell) An Irish surname meaning strong in battle or high; mighty.

    Cormac – (COR-mick or COR-mack) Charioteer, son of the charioteer.

    Daegan– (Day – Gan) Of Gaelic origin meaning black-haired. Alternate spellings include Deegan and Dagen. 

    Darcy – (DAHR-see) Darcy means “dark man.” Thought of as a boy’s name in Ireland, Darcy is also a unisex name in other places.

    Darren – (DARE-en) The name Darren means “oak tree.”

    Declan – (Deh-clin or Deck-lin) Meaning full of goodness, Declan was a saint.

    Delano – (Deh-LAA-Now or DEHL-aa-Now) This baby name means “dark.”

    Dermot – (DUR-muht) Free from envy

    Devlin – (DEHV-lin) The name Devlin can mean “fierce courage” but can also mean “misfortune” or “unlucky.”

    Dillon – (DIL-un) Faithful, like a lion, loyal.

    Dolan – (DOH-lan) Dark-haired, bold.

    Donahue – (Don – a – hew) Dark warrior

    Dugan – (DOO-gen) Small and dark

    Egan (EE-gən) – Meaning “fiery or forceful” or “the little bright-eyed one,” there are several variations of this Gaelic name. Alternate spellings include Eagan and Egon.

    Eamonn –(ay-MIN) This Irish name means “wealthy protector.”

    Farran – (FARE-en) Meaning is “the Land.”

    Ferris – (FEH-RRihS) A boy’s name meaning “rock.”

    Finan – (FIHN-ae-N) “Little and fair” or “fineness, rare”

    Finbar – (FIHNBaa-R) Fair head one

    Finnegan– (fin-ne-gan or fi-nneg-an) Meaning fair, this Irish surname is often shortened to Finn as a nickname.

    Fintan – (FIHNTaeN) White fire

    Flynn – (Flin) Son of a red-haired man

    Galvin – (GAL-vin) The meaning is “sparrow”

    Gearóid – (GARR-owedge) This unique name’s meaning is “brave with spear” or “spear carrier”

    Grady– (GRAY-dee) Of Gaelic origin meaning noble or illustrious.

    Hagan– (Hhey-gaen) Meaning youthful, this name is often a surname and can also be spelled Hagen.

    Irving– (EHR-ving) Meaning friend from the sea or handsome. Love this great meaning.

    Kane – (KAY-nn) Little warrior

    pregnant woman holding stomach

    Keegan – (KEE-ghen) Little fiery one. Often a surname, meaning thinker, is also a unisex name. Alternate spellings include Kegan and Keegan. This is becoming a more popular boys’ names.

    Laughlin-(LAWK-lyn) This strong choice means “dweller at the fjord-land” or Viking. Alternate spellings include Laochailan, Lochlann, Loughlin.

    Lennon – (LHEN-on) Small cloak or cape

    Liam– (LEE-um) Originally a shortened version of William, it means “strong willed warrior” or “protector.” It is one of the more popular boy names.

    Lorcan – (lor-can) This name means “silent” or “fierce.”

    Niall– (NY-all or NEE-all)- This cute name means champion. Other spelling versions include Neil or Neal.

    Nigel – (NYE-jel) Meaning is “champion” or “cloud”

    Oran – (OR-in) Oran means light, pale.

    Oscar– (Os-KAR) A traditional boy’s name meaning “dear friend.”

    Phelen – (FAY-len) Wolf

    Quinlan – (KWIHN-lehn) Strong or well-shaped

    Riley– (RIE-lee) A unisex name meaning brave or valiant. Several spelling variations include Reilley or Reilly.

    Ronan – (ROH-nohn) Little seal

    Rowan – (ROW-whn) Meaning “little red one,” Rowan has increased in popularity to become a unisex baby name.

    Tadgh – (TYgh) In Celtic this name means “poet.”

    Trevor – (TREV-orh) Meaning wise, ambitious

    Tyrone –(Tih-roan) This name means “from the land of the Yew Tree.”  

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