Best Mosquito Control for Atlanta Families

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With warmer weather comes more outdoor fun! If you’re in Atlanta, however, you already know that with the longer days also come more mosquitos. Don’t let that dampen your fun this summer by choosing the best Atlanta mosquito control for families to professionally treat your yard.

The bright sunshine in the sky means your family is busy making plans for a summer of fun. From cookouts to pool days, and every backyard activity in between, the longer days mean extra time to get outside. It also means for those of us in Atlanta days filled with the buzz of mosquitos.

Our family hates having our fun ruined by bug bites, especially with two little ones. We tried everything to take mosquito control into our own hands the past two years, only to still have recurring issues. This summer we decided to bring out the big guns and have our yard treated by local Atlanta mosquito control company, MissQuito.

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Why Professional Mosquito Control

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of bug-borne illnesses and diseases is increasing. In fact, according to the CDC since 2004 at least nine new tick and mosquito-borne diseases have been reported in the United States.

Having top notch mosquito control to help protect your family against diseases spread by mosquitos is paramount! The good news is that MissQuito, a women-led and operated local Atlanta business, offers the best mosquito control options in Metro Atlanta to help protect your family.

Why Your Family Should Choose MissQuito for Atlanta Mosquito Control

Our family did a lot of research on mosquito prevention products before choosing to work with a professional Atlanta mosquito control company. From candles to bug repellant, electric bug zappers and sprays my husband could apply himself, nothing seemed to work for us!

After two years, this summer we decided we wanted to have our yard treated with mosquito barrier spray by one of the best mosquito control companies in Atlanta, MissQuito.

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Unlike some of the big-name pest control companies, what sets MissQuito apart is their focus on high quality customer service and communication. On the day MissQuito visited our home, our service technician Chelsea walked our entire property with us, wanting to learn about how we use our yard and what are biggest areas of mosquito issues were.

While this perk was incredibly appreciated for our family, the MissQuito team also knows not everyone is available to do a full inspection with one of their technicians. In that case, the technicians provides the homeowner with a report that outlines the areas with the biggest issues and ways they can help minimize mosquitos in between treatments.

The MissQuito team is also incredibly flexible. Like many families out there, our schedules are packed. MissQuito was willing to work with us to find a convenient time in our schedule, without us having to wait around all day for service. Additionally, you don’t even have to be home to have your yard treated if that’s easier!

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How the Mosquito Barrier Spray Works

MissQuito applies a mosquito barrier spray to your property with a backpack blower. This mosquito spray eliminates any mosquitos you currently have by killing the adults, as well as preventing mosquito eggs from hatching.

The MissQuito technician sprays the perimeter of your yard, including under bushes, trees, in areas with foliage and under decks. I really appreciated how our technician Chelsea took special care to avoid spraying our vegetable garden or on any of our blooming flowers. Additionally, she put in extra work to spray near enough to our backyard swing set to make sure the area was mosquito free, without spraying directly on top of our kids toys.

The entire session took less than 20 minutes for both our front and backyard, and we were able to take the boys back outside to play an hour later!

It’s recommended that you have a regular barrier spray done by an Atlanta mosquito control company like MissQuito about every 21 days to help be sure no new mosquitos move in and try to ruin your summer fun.

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How to Help Reduce Backyard Mosquitos

Humid environments like we have in Metro Atlanta make it easy for mosquitos to not only survive, but to thrive. While using a top-of-the-line mosquito control company like MissQuito will help make a big difference in the amount of bugs and bites you see, you should also take a few additional steps to help reduce mosquitos in your own yard.

According to the EPA, the best way to help reduce mosquitos and enhance the regular mosquito treatment controls you are receiving from Atlanta mosquito control professionals like MissQuito is to empty anything that holds water:

  • Dump out or drain anything that has standing water. Tip over items regularly that gather water, like buckets, plastic covers and of course backyard toys.
  • If you have items in your yard that require water, like fountains, bird baths or potted plant trays, be sure to also empty and change out the water in these at least once a week.
  • Toss out yard items you don’t need anymore that might be a source of mosquito breeding.
  • If you don’t want to apply an additional bug spray to your skin (or your child’s skin), the CDC advises wearing long-sleeved shirts and pants for extra protection while outside, and covering baby carriers or strollers with insect netting.

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MissQuito Review

Best Mosquito Control in Atlanta

While a simple bug bite may not seem like a big deal, the health risks that come with exposure to the various diseases mosquitos carry are incredible high. While there are many ways to help protect your yard and your family from mosquitos this season, the smartest and most effective one is with regular, comprehensive mosquito control treatments from local Atlanta mosquito company MissQuito.

To learn more about this women-led and operated company, visit their website by clicking here!

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