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Expecting a baby? Congratulations mama! Pregnancy is such an exciting time, but it can also be filled with so many questions. I’m here to help! Mimosas & Motherhood is full of resources for soon to be and new parents!

From trying to conceive, to what to put on your baby registry, preparing for childbirth and navigating the whole 9 (or sometimes 10!) months, check out some of my favorite pregnancy blog posts below.

  • 11 Simple Home Remedies for a Cold While Pregnant
    Pregnant women may have fewer options for over-the-counter medications while sick but the good news is there are plenty of home remedies for cold symptoms that are safe and effective during pregnancy.
  • Best Time for Maternity Photos
    Thinking about getting maternity photos taken but unsure of when to actually do them? Learn more about the best time for a maternity photoshoot.
  • The Best Glider Rockers for Your Nursery
    If you have a new baby at home (or are expecting one), the odds are that you’re currently searching for the perfect nursery gear. Find the best glider rocker for your nursery by checking out this list!
  • How Many Weeks is Halfway Through Pregnancy?
    Congratulations on your pregnancy! Things can feel a bit confusing and overwhelming, even for experienced mamas. Wondering how many weeks is halfway through pregnancy? Read on!
  • REAL Baby Girl Nursery Themes to Help Inspire Your Space
    Searching for inspiration for a beautiful space for your new daughter? Check out the real nurseries on this list, and find inspiration with the perfect baby girl nursery ideas.
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