My Daily Work From Home Schedule

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As a work at home mom the first question I normally am asked is how I manage to do it. As part of my series on being a WAHM (work at home mom), I wanted to give you a peek into my actual daily work from home routine. Today I’ll be showing you my daily work from home schedule.

Before I dive into the details, I want to share a little bit about my particular situation. I am home with Baby A every day, run a nonprofit organization, run this blog, and have a partner whose schedule can be more than a little unpredictable. That means I’m also in charge of running the household the majority of the time.

I also want to say that I absolutely DO NOT have this all figured out! This schedule is not a set in stone routine, as things are always changing around here. I usually have to adapt and change what we’re doing, so flexibility and giving myself grace go a long way.

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I’m going to give you an in depth look at what a typical day looks like for me. I hope this will help inspire you as you figure out how to structure your day when you work from home!

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Work At Home Mom WAHM Schedule

My Daily Schedule as a Work At Home Mom (WAHM)

6:00AM Wake Up And Morning Routine

Having a morning routine is an essential part of my day. It helps get me in the right headspace, and allows me to ease into the day before things get crazy. It helps that my son is still really young and doesn’t get up until 7am, which means I have a little flexibility here. If there’s a ton on my plate I may get up as early as 5am, or if it’s looking like a pretty simple day I might sleep until 7am.

7:00AM Wake Up the Baby

Archer is on a pretty set schedule, which is a big reason I’m able to work successfully from home. He gets up every day at 7am and we have a family morning routine until 9am.

The basic schedule is me and the hubs get up, get the coffee going and Archer’s bottle/breakfast made, wake him up and feed him. I’m lucky that right now Matt is home almost every morning, which means that we spend this time as a family. We will check our emails while we drink coffee, and if there is something pressing I need to take care of Matt takes over, but for the most part we soak up this time together.

My goal is to take advantage of Matt being home, and by the time he leaves for work I’m showered, dressed and ready to start my work day.

9:00AM – 11AM: Archer’s Naptime/Mommy’s Work Time

Again, Archer’s schedule is what keeps us sane! While he may not sleep until 11am every day, he enjoys being in his room and will happily play in his crib until I get him up. This allows me to have 2 dedicated hours every morning to focus on work.

Unless there is something pressing that needs to be taken care of around the house, I do my best to protect this time for my nonprofit work. If possible I schedule phone calls during this time as well, as I know there is nearly zero risk of a screaming baby happening.

11:00AM Make Lunch

Before I get Archer up and ready to go, I make sure his lunch is prepped (which right now takes less than 5 minutes). If I’m hungry I’ll also make lunch for myself, and the two of us will eat together. Most days this takes about 30 minutes.

Lunchtime For 10 Month Old

12:00PM Run Errands

If I need to take care of something outside of the house, I make sure we leave no later than noon to get things accomplished. On Monday’s this includes grocery shopping, so I might wake Archer up a little early so we have some extra time to hit the store.

If we don’t need to take care of anything, this is playtime for us. We might go on a walk, read books or check out the park.

1:00PM-3:00PM Archer’s Nap Time/Mommy’s Work Time

If we’re at home the start time of this nap is pretty consistent. If we’re running errands that day, Archer might not go down for a nap until closer to 2pm. Either way, I usually have another 1.5-2 hours to focus.

If there’s a lot on my plate then I again try to take care of any conference calls or time sensitive work during this time. I also aim to take care of household chores if possible too.

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3:00PM Wake Up From Nap And Free Play

This playtime is absolutely unstructured. We might have a play date out of the house, or he might be perfectly happy to play independently with his toy. It’s during this free play time that he’s also allowed to watch an episode of TV.

5:00PM Feed Archer Dinner/Prep Our Dinner

Archer’s dinner right now is small and easy to take care of. If there’s prep that needs to be done for our meal that night, I try to take care of it during this time as well.

 6:30PM Start Bedtime Routine

Archer’s bedtime consistently starts between 6:30 and 7pm (we play it by ear depending on how he’s doing). Most nights he’s in bed by 7:15pm!

7:15PM-10PM Mom & Dad’s Dinner and Time Together

After Archer goes to bed we eat dinner and spend time together as a couple. Some nights we are absolutely bumps on a log and just hang out together, while other nights one (or both) of us might need to also do a little work.

That’s it!

(Not sure where to start with creating your own WAHM schedule? Be sure to read 5 Steps to Creating a Work From Home Schedule That Works)

A few things to note:

*Is our schedule like this every single day? HECK NO. I have 1 dedicated weekday that is my 100% workday, and Matt or a babysitter takes care of Archer. I use this day for outside appointments and taking care of other things that I can’t do with a little one.

*Do things always go to plan? Nope! And on those days I try to remind myself that the most important thing is keeping the baby alive, fed and clean 😉

 *Do I ever get stressed out? Absolutely! Working from home while juggling a child can be really hard some days, but for me it’s incredibly worth it. My schedule is super flexible and I am able to really tailor the day to my needs for the most part.

Do you work from home, or are wanting to make the transition? I would love to hear from you!

Sharing is caring! If you love this post, please share!

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