How to Create a Gallery Wall

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One of the things I love about decorating our home is creating a space that truly FEELS like home. When we moved into our new house in November, I knew that for me it wouldn’t feel like home until we had things on the walls. I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do, but I did know for certain that I wanted to create a gallery wall.

Simple Photo Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is a great way to make a big impact on a large wall. Whether you choose to create your gallery wall with photos, art or a combination of both, it’s a special way to showcase images and items that mean a lot to you.

Creating a gallery wall can feel overwhelming if you’ve never done it before. Luckily I’ve created a quick, 5 step process for creating a flawless symmetrical photo gallery wall. Trust me when I say that this is going to be so much easier and quicker than you thought! You’ll finish this project with a wall you’ll love, and one that you’ll be sure to receive compliments on from guests.

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How to Create a Symmetrical Gallery Wall in Just 5 Steps

1. Before getting started, decide on the layout. I recommend measuring the wall and thinking about what you like, from a visual perspective. Would you prefer for your photos to be horizontal or vertical? How many frames do you want to be in your gallery wall?

Using painters tape is an easy way to map out possibilities on your wall without causing damage!

I ended up using this great set of 9 frames from Target. I did a lot of research on frames, and was really impressed by the quality of these frames for the low price! These black frames are 12×12 frames with mat for 8×8 image display, which worked great for our space. I love them because not only are they budget-friendly, but they look professional. They also come with great black and white prints that look beautiful on your wall if you haven’t printed your photos!

Here’s the exact link to these on the Target website. If you don’t like black, check out this option in gray.

Want to use more than 9 frames? Check out this affordable package of 12 frames in black or these 12 frames in white.

2. Next, pick out your photos. I chose to use a combination of candid photos and professional ones. To help them all flow together, I opted to make them all black and white.

Now that you’ve chosen the type of frames you want to use, print your photos based on the frame opening. I chose frames with an 8″x8″ opening, so I had my photos printed as 8″x10″ prints and cut them down to size.

Black Gallery Wall Frames

After you’ve chosen your photos and framed them, lay the frames out to pick the order you want them on. While you can always rearrange once they’re hung, it’s much easier to make this decision in advance so you don’t have to mess around with them!

3. Map out all of your frames on the wall before you hang the first one. This is a super important step with when you create a gallery wall. One of the most challenging parts for many people is hanging their frames evenly on the wall, and evenly spaced apart. Mapping out all of your frames with painters tape or another type of guide before you get started is a simple step that will help you do this more easily.

One of the things I loved about this frame set I chose from Target is that it came with this amazing guide for hanging!


So simple, right? The frame guide even has little marks where your nails or screws need to go to line up with the frame backs.

I had already decided that I wanted to do two rows of four frames each, as opposed to a block of nine, so I cut mine and repositioned it.


I chose to separate all of the rows as I wanted more space between them. I also  measured the “extra frames” for each row to be sure they were correctly spaced as well. Using painters tape, I attached the extra frame guides to each row, and then each row to the wall.

If you don’t have a frame guide, simply use your painters tape and tape measure to help make out the size, placement and spacing of each of your frames!

how to create a simple gallery wall

4. Mark where you need to drill BEFORE you drill. Since my frame set came with a guide, this was simple! All I did was use a push pin to mark through the center of the nail mark on the frame guide. (Again, so obsessed with how easy this set of frames made this entire project!)

Easiest gallery wall ever

If you don’t have a frame guide, be sure to look at the way your frames are meant to be hung. Utilize your measuring tape to help make sure you place your marks in the right place on your wall.

Double check your placement before you start to hang! It’s always easier to make a change to your measurements before you get started then to have to repair damage to your wall.

I recommend using anchors to hang anything on the walls in your home. Not only will anchors hold more weight, but they won’t pull out of the wall the way nails can tend to. Once you’re sure your measurements are correct, use your drill to place your anchors.

5. Hang your frames! While a little more time consuming, I recommend using a level to check each of your frames as you hang them. If they are a little off, you can usually adjust the frame to compensate. If your frame is really off, you might need to adjust the anchor further in or further out from the wall.

I also recommend placing a small amount of double-sided foam tape on the back bottom corner of one of your frames, to help them stay even on the wall.

How to create an easy gallery wall

And that’s it! I hope these 5 simple steps will help you create a gallery wall you love in your own home.

If you create one be sure to share it on social media and tag me! I would love to see how you create yours.

How to Create a Gallery Wall

Sharing is caring! If you love this post, please share!

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  1. That is so much simpler than what I thought it would be. I am always scared to put anything up on the walls so this was great!

    1. I feel you! That’s one of the reasons I really love that set of frames: it makes it so simple for anyone to make their own gallery wall themself!

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