affiliate program description

Are you passionate about helping other bloggers and content creators grow their platforms and reach? Do you have an audience that would find my eBooks and Courses helpful and valuable? 

Then join my affiliate program and earn money by recommending my products to your readers and friends!

how it works

  1. Join my affiliate program here. (If you don’t already have a free account with SendOwl, you’ll need to create one first!)
  2. Log in and go to “Programs”.
  3. Find and click on the “She Shines Media” Affiliate Program.
  4. Go to “Click to see affiliate links.”
  5. Use your unique affiliate link (you can find them under the “Links” column) to promote my products.

Frequently Asked Questions

What products can I promote?

Right now I have 2 products that are available for promotion and affiliate income:

  • Simply Affiliate Marketing – $87 (you earn $21.75)
  • Simply Partnerships – $67 (you earn $16.75)

More products will be launching in the next few months, and you will receive an email when those go live too!

How much will I earn if I promote your products?

For every single sale you refer, you get a 25% commission (as calculated above)!

Cookies are valid one month after someone clicks on one of your affiliate links, so you will still earn a commission if you recommended a product, someone clicks then they go to purchase it a few days or weeks later (yaaaaas!).

How do I track my sales?

SendOwl keeps score of every sale made through your specific tracking link link. You can track your traffic and sales (and keep an eye on your earnings) in your SendOwl Dashboard. Just log into SendOwl and Programs to check your stats.

When and how do I get paid?

You get paid on the 1st of every month for all the sales you referred in the past 30 days. (So for example, if you refer a sale on July 10th, you get paid on the 1st of August.) There is no minimum threshold, so whatever you earn, you get paid the next month!

Payments are issued directly to your PayPal account, so don’t forget to input your PayPal address into your SendOwl account in Settings once you register! I cannot send payments any other way.

Do I need to purchase anything first to be able to join?

No, it’s not required to purchase one of my products to be accepted into my affiliate program. However, I strongly believe that in order to successfully promote a product or a service, you need to be familiar with it. Sharing your own experience with the products (what you learned from them, how it helped you) also increases your conversion rates. My most successful affiliates are individuals who have purchased the products for themselves, and can speak to exactly why they are valuable for their audience, too.

How To Promote My Products

You can promote my eBooks, courses or freebies in any way you want! Just remember that you are using the unique link generated in your SendOwl dashboard to make sure you are credited for any sales.

Need some inspiration? Here are a few ideas on how and where to promote the products:

  • Write a review on your blog (what did you think of it, how it helped you etc)
  • Add it to your resource library or resources page
  • Post your link on social media
  • Send out a newsletter to your email list
  • Recommend it to your blogger friends or in Facebook groups

Need some help? Read my post on How to Actually Make Money with Affiliate Marketing to learn more about affiliate marketing and best practices for maximizing your conversion and income!

For more information about my courses and my story, be sure to also check out Learn From Me.